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Recovered versus Recovering — What’s your position?
Great question. I have not read all of the responses, but I did appreciate the first one from Bill F. of Hyattsville, Maryland.
AA  addiction  alcoholism  recovery  recovering  recovered  language 
june 2018 by userX
How to Restore with Recovery Option in SQL Server
The Restore with Recovery option available in SQL Server for restoring backups is explained in detail, along with T-SQL codes used in its implementation.
Restore  with  Recovery  SQL  Server  T-SQL  codes  Using  to  Full  Backups  Recovering  a  ‘Restoring’  State  Database  Restoring  Multiple  repair 
january 2018 by DataNumen
SSD vs HDD: Different Chances of Recovering Deleted Files
If you unintentionally delete a file, you’ll make efforts to recover the deleted file. In this process, you may wonder the chances of such file recovery. In fact, the chances can vary with the drive types. Now, this post will delve into this issue on SSD and HDD.
Chances  of  Recovering  Deleted  Files  corrupt  PST  Data  Recovery  HDD  Recover  SSD  TRIM 
december 2017 by DataNumen
How Uber Scales Their Real-time Market Platform - High Scalability -
What happens is the Dispatch system periodically sends an encrypted State Digest down to driver phones. Now let's say there’s a datacenter failover. The next time the driver phone sends a location update to the Dispatch system the Dispatch system will detect that it doesn’t know about this trip and ask the for the State Digest. The Dispatch system then updates itself from the State Digest and the trip keeps on going like nothing happened.
recovering  data  failure  loss  scalabilty  uber 
september 2015 by FredericJacobs

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