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Net successfully snares space debris | University of Surrey
The RemoveDEBRIS satellite has successfully used its on-board net technology in orbit – the first demonstration in human history of active debris removal (ADR) technology. The US Space Surveillance Network tracks 40,000 objects and it is estimated that there are more than 7,600 tonnes of ‘space junk’ in and around Earth’s orbit - with some moving faster than a speeding bullet, approaching speeds of 30,000 miles per hour.

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme
space  junk  recycling  reuse  green  debris 
4 hours ago by cyberchucktx
Buying an iPhone XS Is Bad for the Planet - Motherboard
Keeping your old iPhone 'is the best thing for the planet,' Apple says as it introduces the iPhone XS.
apple  iphone  environment  recycling 
8 hours ago by ssorc
Quantifying environmental benefits of recycled plastic - Resource Recycling News
"The work found that the majority of greenhouse gases generated within the recycling chain come via the reclaimers. For food-contact PET, nearly 90 percent of their gases were associated with reclaimer operations. For HDPE and PP pellet, 70 to 75 percent were generated by the processing steps. PET was higher because of the additional environmental impacts from the decontamination steps, she said."
plastic  recycling  LCA  carbon 
17 hours ago by pacpost
Appliance maker details its use of recycled plastics - Plastics Recycling Update
"Grundig reported the company created a nylon-based composite material from recycling fishing nets, textiles and other scrap plastics. The composite, which has high mechanical strength and thermal resistance, is being used in Grundig ovens.

By the end of this year, the company estimates it’ll have used 65 metric tons of these plastics. In 2019, Grundig plans to expand the range of products incorporating the marine plastics, boosting annual consumption to an estimated 330 metric tons."
plastic  recycling 
17 hours ago by pacpost
Container backlogs cause more import strife in SE Asia - Plastics Recycling Update
"Major ports in Vietnam have already instituted a ban on scrap plastic imports that will be in effect until October, and officials increased inspection requirements for paper shipments.

Despite the current chaos in scrap shipments to these countries, ISRI expressed optimism in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam as future destinations for recovered material once the current hurdles are handled."
plastic  recycling  asia 
17 hours ago by pacpost
Plastic industry fears bankruptcy as scrap import ban bites - Economy - Vietnam News | Politics, Business, Economy, Society, Life, Sports - VietNam News
" Trần Vũ Lê, its director, said: “We have signed contracts to supply plastic through the year but now we cannot because of lack of raw materials.

“Locally recycled plastic cannot be used because of poor quality.

“Now we have two choices: One is to pay compensation to our customers [because we cannot supply], the other is to use non-recycled plastic instead of scrap. In the latter case we will suffer 10 per cent losses instead of making 10 per cent profits.”

The Việt Nam Plastics Association also warned of huge losses for the industry.

Around 5,000 containers of plastic scrap are being held at ports for up to two months now and importers have to pay charges of US$50–100 per container per day of delay.

Each container is worth $10,000."
vietnam  carpet  recycling 
18 hours ago by pacpost
Join the OneSTL Regional Recycling Working Group task force tonight for a public forum on challenges and…
recycling  from twitter_favs
23 hours ago by electroponix
Apple Forces Recyclers to Shred All iPhones and MacBooks - Motherboard
"A document submitted to North Carolina's Department of Environment Quality in September 2016 shows that Apple's must-shred policy hasn't changed in recent years, even as it continues to position itself as a green company: "All of the equipment collected for recycling is manual and mechanically disassembled and shredded. The resulting fractions are sorted into plastics, metals, and glass and sold as stock feed in the manufacturing process."

On its face, this might not seem so bad: At least these products are getting recycled, right? And it makes sense that hard drives would be shredded to protect data.

But in practice, the premature recycling of an iPhone or a MacBook is not ideal. MacBook hard drives can be removed and replaced. And the recyclers Apple uses all advertise industry-standard data destruction tools that can be used to safeguard consumer data without requiring the destruction of all of the rest of the computer or phone's parts. Bumstead still sells computers from 2009 and 2010 for hundreds of dollars to people looking for entry-level laptops."
apple-sucks  recycling  technology 
7 days ago by ssam

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