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ISTJ and Mental Illness : ISTJ
I identify strongly with ISTJ and I test that way - LSI on Socionics as well. I also have severe social anxiety and PTSD. Some of the characteristic ISTJ traits, like observational awareness, are lacking; at least when I'm in public. I stay pretty deep in my own head, usually thinking paranoid thoughts, when other people are present. It's hard to notice details in fight or flight mode. So I'm left with this moderately dysfunctional ISTJ personality. I force myself to perform and hide all of this at work. I've managed to work my way into a school administrator position. I'm always ironed, tie clip and all. This is hell though. I'm interested to know how other ISTJ's with mental health issues like depression are managing in life. Anyone else having a difficult ISTJ experience (or know an ISTJ that is)? How does it impact your ability to be organized, observant, and "on" and how do you work around it? via /r/ISTJ
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45 minutes ago by cijanzen
Top post with ~50,000 upvotes and gold critical of the reddit redesign disappears from the front page. Doesn't show up in undelete, doesn't show up on snew : undelete
Upvoted: It was a gif of Parks and Rec. Thew were throwing out samples. I don't know how to find but if someone else knows how and can link here that would be great. via /r/undelete
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