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Curated tutorial and resource links I've collected on React, Redux, ES6, and more - markerikson/react-redux-links
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yesterday by ijy
Build a state management system with vanilla JavaScript
How do these libraries work though? What would it take to write one ourselves? Turns out, it’s pretty straightforward and there’s an opportunity to learn some really common patterns and also learn about some useful modern APIs that are available to us.
javascript  vanilla  redux  vuex  state  mobx  howto  tutorials  buildyourown 
yesterday by spaceninja
How to Implement Redux in 24 Lines of JavaScript
90% convention, 10% library. Redux is among the most important JavaScript libraries ever created. Inspired by prior art like Flux and Elm, Redux put JavaScript functional programming on the map by introducing a scalable architecture of three simple points.
javascript  react  redux  vanilla  buildyourown 
yesterday by spaceninja - Modular, fast, small: how we built a server-rendered IDE
At our mission is to make programming more accessible, which means our coding environment needs to be lightweight, load fast, and work from…

redux  react 
yesterday by strzalek
Style Guide · Redux
Many years of Redux wisdom all on one page.
redux  react  wisdom 
yesterday by nvln
Easy Peasy
Vegetarian friendly state for React
react  redux 
3 days ago by njr11
Our Redux Anti Pattern
In this talk, we will walk you through how Redux is an instance of a Publish/Subscribe (Pub/Sub) model. I’ll use that perspective to redefine what an "Action" should represent to enable scalability with ease. To benefit from this talk, you must have a fundamental understanding of Redux.
redux  anit-pattern 
5 days ago by sjmarshy

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