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Redux-Observable Can Solve Your State Problems – Kevin Ghadyani – Medium
Using Redux-Observable to listen for changes in the window size, throttle those responses, and map to an action. - windowSizeEpic.js
redux  observable  examples 
yesterday by Ricamp
Introducing Fusion.js: A Plugin-based Universal Web Framework
In a nutshell, Fusion.js is an MIT-licensed JavaScript framework that supports popular libraries like React and Redux, and comes with modern features like hot module reloading, data-aware server-side rendering, and bundle splitting support.

On top of the obvious benefits of a pre-configured, optimized boilerplate, Fusion.js also provides a flexible plugin-based architecture. This makes it well-suited to modern single-page applications and web apps that depend on complex service layers to meet quality requirements such as observability (e.g. trace logging, metrics dashboards, etc.), thorough testing (e.g., unit / integration / E2E), and internationalization.
Javascript  framework  development  redux 
3 days ago by euler
Event Sourcing in React, Redux & Elixir — how we write fast, scalable, real-time apps at Rapport
At Rapport, our users depend on an experience which handles many connections and handles changes in real-time. The app allows a team of people to join a real-time meeting, add cards for its agenda…
react  redux 
6 days ago by vitriolix

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