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Robert Blum, the spy who shaped the world Part 1
Even for students of the history of the Intelligence Community (IC), Robert Blum is all but forgotten except as a bureaucrat, a professor, and the head of a philanthropic foundation with ties to the CIA. In reality, he was a counterintelligence chief who worked for several agencies, built large pieces of the United States’ foreign economic policies, had the Director of Central Intelligence fired, and redesigned a significant portion of the IC, including its mechanisms for covert action and propaganda.
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13 hours ago by kmt
Diophantine approximation - Wikipedia
- rationals perfectly approximated by themselves, badly approximated by other rationals
- irrationals well-approximated by rationals:
nibble  wiki  reference  math  math.NT  approximation  accuracy  levers  pigeonhole-markov  multi  tidbits  discrete  rounding 
16 hours ago by nhaliday
Stop The Waxing! - General Discussion - Fuji X Forum
firmware update & other fiddling to solve waxy skin tones on xt1
photography  reference  fujifilm 
yesterday by inrgbwetrust

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