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A practical treatise on the law, privileges, proceedings and ... - Full View | HathiTrust Digital Library | HathiTrust Digital Library
Good news for constitutional nerds everywhere: a digital edition of Erskine May. The 2nd edition, from 1851; but the relevant rule is there, on p233.
library  ebooks  government  parliament  politics  constitutional  theory  procedure  guide  legal  history  reference  brexit  europe 
11 minutes ago by asaltydog
What is Erskine May, the £400 constitutional handbook that guides Parliament - and John Bercow's decisions -
John Bercow used the book on parliamentary procedure to rule that Theresa May could not bring the same Brexit deal back for another vote
publishing  books  government  parliament  politics  constitutional  theory  procedure  guide  legal  history  reference  brexit  europe 
47 minutes ago by asaltydog
Discuss Tutorial: nRF52832 Breakout Board Hookup Guide -
Note: The schematic for the nRF52832's referenced the pins with 3 different designations (the QFN48 pin assignment name, pin location, and the trace name ). This can be confusing when you want to define the pins for Arduino. So I looked at how the other pins were defined for reference. I noticed that the analog pin defined in software for A4 was defined on line 60 as pin "28" instead of the trace name"P28". Therefore, I defined PIN_WIRE_SDA as "24" and PIN_WIRE_SCL as "25 instead of "P24" and "P25". I decided not to use pin 21 since it was already being used for RESET and it was not broken out on the sides. I also could not get this working on the analog pins A4 and A5. It might be due to the defined pins being used already for analog inputs or the hardware not being able to support two functions on the nRF52832.
nrf52832  reference  i2c  protocol  electronics  microcontroller 
2 hours ago by akamediasystem
Painting in AWT and Swing
"This article explains the AWT and Swing paint mechanisms in detail. Its purpose is to help developers write correct and efficient GUI painting code. While the article covers the general paint mechanism ( where and when to render), it does not tell how to use Swing's graphics APIs to render a correct output. To learn how to render nice graphics, visit the Java 2D Web site"
graphics  gui  Java  Programming  Reference 
3 hours ago by magnusc
This site is a collection of generative music pieces which can be listened to. The term "generative music" describes music which changes continuously and is created by a system. Such systems often generate music for as long as one is willing to listen.
GenerativeArt  Reference  generative  Music  audio  Awesome  creativecode  Fun 
7 hours ago by rasagy

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