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"aims at the construction of a hardware database in order to identify what devices work with a fully free operating system. [...] h-node lists only hardware that works with free drivers and without non-free firmware. Other GNU/Linux distributions (or Debian with contrib, non-free, or some 3rd-party archives enabled) include non-free firmware files, so they cannot be used for testing."
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yesterday by mechazoidal
Thematic Cartography Guide
A short, friendly guide to basic principles of thematic mapping.

In this short guide we share some insights and tips for making thematic maps. Our goal is to cover the important concepts in cartography and flag the important decision points in the map-making process. As with many activities in life, there isn’t always a single best answer in cartography, and in those cases we’ve tried to outline some of the pros and cons to different solutions.
maps  geography  visualization  learning  reference  tips 
yesterday by liqweed
Design Principles
collected links to (mostly corporate) docs
design  ux  ui  webdesign  reference  article  links  patterns 
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