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Welcome to NASA Solve! | NASA
Interested in helping NASA solve tough problems? You are in the right place! This one-stop-shop website is where you’ll find opportunities to participate in challenges, prize competitions, and citizen science activities that develop solutions for problems related to NASA’s mission. So, jump in and become a NASA SOLVE-r!
science  crowdsourcing  nasa  space  research  problem  problems  reference  list  lists 
9 minutes ago by msszczep
ServiceWorker Cookbook

The Service Worker Cookbook is a collection of working, practical examples of using service workers in modern web sites.
javascript  development  webdev  reference  pwa 
49 minutes ago by davidgasperoni
javascript-algorithms - Algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript
Algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript with explanations and links to further readings.
JS  algorithms  data-structures  reference  list  curated  opensource 
3 hours ago by liqweed
Ancient History Encyclopedia
אנציקלופדיה חינמית מטעם ארגון ללא מטרות רווח, עוברת ערכיה מדעית (לטענתם) ועם זאת, במקביל, נכתבת בשפה פשוטה ונגישה לכל.
ancient_history  ancient  History  Encyclopedia  reference 
3 hours ago by Saoirse
A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Cookies – Halide
publish photos to shit like instagram without letting them machine vision all your shit
photography  privacy  security  mobile  tutorial  reference 
3 hours ago by inrgbwetrust
Food Emergency: How the World Bank and IMF Have Made African Famine Inevitable | Alternet
Since 1981, when these lending policies were first implemented, Oxfamfound that the amount of sub-Saharan Africans surviving on less than one dollar a day doubled to 313 million by 2001, which is 46 percent of the population. Since the mid-1980s, the number of food emergencies per year on the continent has tripled.
africa  isms  history  reference 
5 hours ago by janedotx
cssdb is a comprehensive list of CSS features and their positions in the process of becoming implemented web standards.
css  reference 
14 hours ago by niksy

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