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Tim Cook Uses These 5 Words to Take Control of Any Conversation |
Cook often uses five words in a variety of ways to control the narrative. Instead of "the way I see it," Cook sometimes says: "To put it in perspective" or "To put it in context." Either way, Cook is reframing the message to help his listeners understand the broader business story.
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august 2019 by dominomaster
10 Tips For Scrum Masters
Avoid Saying... -> Instead, try...
That's not Agile! -> How does this affect...?
That's not Scrum! -> What happens when you do that?
The Scrum Guide says...
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august 2019 by rhaley
RT : The is the debate on the :

🐝 climate emergency or crisis for climate change
🐝 gl…
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may 2019 by beccabrown
What Esperanza Spalding Can’t Travel Without - The New York Times
Based in New York, Ms. Spalding travels frequently to perform. Her trips were so frequent that about seven years ago she was forced to rethink her travel philosophy.

“When we were doing about 280 shows in a year, I realized that travel time wasn’t time out of my life, it was part of my life,” she said, and made the decision to enjoy traveling as she would any other place or mindset.
may 2019 by ramitsethi
Amazon’s Antitrust Antagonist Has a Breakthrough Idea - The New York Times
By David Streitfeld
Sept. 7, 2018

....... Ms. Khan wrote, that once-robust monopoly laws have been marginalized, Amazon is consequently able to amass so much structural power that let it exert increasing control over many parts of the economy. Amazon has so much data on so many customers, it is so willing to forgo profits, it is so aggressive and has so many advantages from its shipping and warehouse infrastructure that it exerts an influence much broader than its market share. It resembles the all-powerful railroads of the Progressive Era, .......The F.T.C. is holding a series of hearings this fall, the first of their type since 1995, on whether a changing economy requires changing enforcement attitudes.

The hearings will begin on Sept. 13 at Georgetown University Law Center. Two panels will debate whether antitrust should keep its narrow focus or, as Ms. Khan urges, expand its range.

“Ideas and assumptions that it was heretical to question are now openly being contested,” she said. “We’re finally beginning to examine how antitrust laws, which were rooted in deep suspicion of concentrated private power, now often promote it.”........Her Yale Law Journal paper argued that monopoly regulators who focus on consumer prices are thinking too short-term. In Ms. Khan’s view, a company like Amazon — one that sells things, competes against others selling things, and owns the platform where the deals are done — has an inherent advantage that undermines fair competition. “The long-term interests of consumers include product quality, variety and innovation — factors best promoted through both a robust competitive process and open markets,” she wrote.

The issue Ms. Khan’s article really brought to the fore is this: Do we trust Amazon, or any large company, to create our future?........ “It’s so much easier to teach public policy to people who already know how to write than teach writing to public policy experts,” said Mr. Lynn, a former journalist.

Ms. Khan wrote about industry consolidation and monopolistic practices for Washington publications that specialize in policy, went to Yale Law School, published her Amazon paper and then came back to Washington last year, just as interest was starting to swell in her work.... the F.T.C. needs to bring back a tool buried in its toolbox: its ability to make rules......“Amazon is not the problem — the state of the law is the problem, and Amazon depicts that in an elegant way,” she said......“could make sense” to treat Amazon’s e-commerce operation like a bridge, highway, port, power grid or telephone network — all of which are required to allow access to their infrastructure on a nondiscriminatory basis.
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september 2018 by jerryking

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