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A Good Enough Clojure Setup for Beginners · Horace Williams
Cmd-Option-r: Refresh namespaces (reload files in the current project into the repl – great for evaluating some new functions or other expressions you have written in a file into the REPL so you can play around with them there)

'atom-pane[data-active-item-name="Clojure REPL"] atom-text-editor:not([mini])':

This will let us submit code to the REPL with ENTER rather than Shift-Enter, and also let us use Cmd-K to clear the REPL screen.

That’s why I’m excited by Parinfer - a tool that attempts to give a more “intuitive” or “Just Do What I Mean” approach to structural Lisp editing. The docs on Parinfer’s homepage do a better job of explaining the tool than I will, but the gist of it is inferring Lisp structures based on the indentation of a chunk of code.

As you edit code, Parinfer will attempt to guess the most sensible S-expression structure you intended based on the indentation and spacing you typed in the code.
proto-repl  atom_editor  refresh  namespaces  modifying  repl 
19 days ago by GreggInCA
web hosting - Force visitors to get newest versions of resources (bypassing browser cache) - Webmasters Stack Exchange
stach exchange question: How can I (force) my visitors on my website to clean their cache, and get the new updated content?
Answer gives http code to force cache refresh after stipulated time
htaccess  cache  cookie  time  refresh  reload  caching  http  apache  version  renew 
june 2019 by piperh
How To Refresh A Windows 8.1 Installation Without Losing Your Data | Digital Citizen
How to restore Windows 8.1 to its original state, without losing your user files, settings and Windows 8.1 apps.
windows8  refresh 
june 2019 by hmhxxx

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