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Take it from a Norwegian MP: we don’t want Britain in the EEA | Heidi Nordby Lunde | Opinion | The Guardian
More importantly to me, I do not believe it is in Norway’s interest to invite the UK into the Efta bloc. It would certainly upset the balance within Efta – and thus our relationship with the EU. Further, the EEA agreement presupposes a consensus between the countries to harmonise with the same EU laws and regulations the UK wants to veto. These are the laws and regulations we rely on to have frictionless access to our most important market. A veto from one country affects the other countries: letting the UK join Efta and the EEC agreement to veto parts of it could undermine the agreement for all of us.
UK  EU  Brexit  Norway  EEA  EFTA  singleMarket  regulation  freedomOfMovement  migration  NorwayPlus  politics 
yesterday by petej
“That may be good for the world, but it’s not good for us” – Zuckerberg, Facebook and your data
"The UK Government released its seized Facebook documents yesterday and their contents confirm a lot of fears."
data  privacy  governing  identity  and  security  regulation  social 
2 days ago by jonerp
ICO crack down on Met Police Gangs Matrix
The ICO found that the data sharing was occurring informally between the MPS and the third parties. The data was often saved locally by individuals within the MPS and also by the third parties who received the personal data. This made it more difficult for the organisations to maintain control over who was accessing the data. Further, the MPS had failed to secure information sharing agreements with the third parties, which the ICO said was a basic necessity when sharing personal data between organisations.

The ICO was concerned about the large amounts of personal data being shared and the accuracy of that data. Crucially, the MPS had failed to carry out either a data protection or privacy impact assessment in relation to the Gangs Matrix. Although such impact assessments were not mandated under DPA98 (which they are now under the GDPR), they have for some time been recommended by the ICO as best practice for identifying and minimising the privacy risks of projects or policies. The ICO was particularly concerned that victims of gang-related violence were included in the Gangs Matrix without a distinction being made between them and the perpetrators of crime. The majority (64%) of the individuals in the Gangs Matrix were rated as green (low risk). In light of this, the ICO considered that the data processing by the MPS was excessive and lacking in differentiation.
datasharing  ICO  example  police  dataprotection  DPIA  enforcementnotice  regulation 
3 days ago by corrickwales
BoE ready to loosen bank ‘rainy-day’ buffers on Brexit upheaval | Financial Times
The Bank of England would allow banks to use ‘rainy day’ funds held for times of economic trouble to give a £250bn boost to lending should the UK suffer upheaval after Brexit.

The Bank, in notes published Wednesday of the most recent meeting of the Financial Policy Committee, said it was ready to lower lenders’ capital buffers in an attempt to maintain £250bn of lending to the wider economy if there was market dislocation.

The BoE said it would be prepared to take similar action to that it took in June 2016 in the wake of the Brexit referendum, when it cut banks’ rainy-day funds.

This fund, known as the counter-cyclical buffer, forces banks to hold more capital in good times to use in times of economic downturn. It is currently set at 1 per cent of banks’ total assets when adjusted for risk.

The move is the latest sign that the Bank of England is preparing the British economy for the worst-case scenarios under a disorderly exit from the EU. Last week, the BoE said that a no-deal Brexit could lead to the sharpest drop in UK GDP in the postwar period.

The BoE said a cut to 0 per cent would enable banks to absorb up to £11bn of losses, and would allow banks to lend as much as £250bn to UK households in businesses.

“If an economic stress were to materialise, the FPC would be prepared to cut the UK CCyB rate, as it did in July 2016,” according to the record of the most recent meeting of the central bank’s Financial Policy Committee.

It pointed out that in the past year there has been £65bn of net lending, “so the released capital could sustain this level of net lending for several years”.
economics  banking  regulation  macroprudential  brexit 
4 days ago by gimber
Elizabeth Ohene Writes: Should We All Protect Our Own?
One forgets or ignores at one’s peril, Professor Kofi Abrefa Busia’s famous breakdown of what a political party is.

He said a political party was like Techiman market, it attracts all sorts, there would be housewives, chancers, entrepreneurs, thieves, people in a hurry, people lazing around, people there to cause mayhem and people there to buy one item, people who want to make friends, regulars and noise makers.
education  crime  policy  regulation  standards  mores  Ghana  culture  tradition  Africa  religion  tribes  social  communities  groups  mum 
5 days ago by amaah
Should we create a certification for AI #ethics? by @superglaze
What does it mean to certify artificial intelligence ethics? Should one certify AI ethics? These are the key questions in a debate around projects, taking place under the auspices of the IEEE Standards Association, that aim to address ethical issues relating to the creation of autonomous and intelligent systems.
dataethics  regulation  AI  technology 
5 days ago by corrickwales
Letter from Africa: How to get Ghanaians to pay their taxes
A modest proposal:
"So, instead of saying you can't have a drivers' licence, passport, free secondary school education for your children, or even go on dates unless you have a TIN number, the new rule should be, you can't get an undertaker, buy a coffin, dig a grave, keep a body in the morgue, have chief mourners and hold a funeral of any kind unless and until you can produce a TIN."
taxes  Ghana  Africa  Development  Regulation  culture  humour  observation  perception  Economics  informal  policy  strategy  satire  funerals  mum 
6 days ago by amaah

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