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It’s time to rein in the data barons - MIT Technology Review
starts well enough, but then galaxybrain’s about 75% of the way through on some “but what if data was EASIER to share” weirdness, idk
data  privacy  monopolies  regulation 
3 days ago by beep
Commentary by @davidakaye: How to ‘fix’ social media without censorship
In the wake of rising attention given to the role social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter play in our societies and political processes, the UN's Special Rapporteur on freedom of opinion & expression David Kaye offers insight on a path forward. These private companies have increasingly become the arbiters of what is deemed acceptable speech, blurring the lines on what was previously the provenance of states.

Kaye writes: "Social media, messaging and search platforms offer real value. They provide connections, information and security for people who might not otherwise have them, such as sexual minorities in traditional societies, reporters in authoritarian environments, or dissenters in repressive regimes...And yet the most influential corporations in this sphere wield extraordinary power from a distance. They develop rules, standards, and guidelines, often in Silicon Valley, to determine for people around the world the appropriate boundaries of expression...Much as they may try, they are often out of touch with local and national concerns in the places where they operate...In places like Myanmar, where activists note that 'Facebook is the internet,' the companies lack the linguistic and cultural expertise to distinguish a racist word from an ordinary one. As a result, they may over-regulate, censoring the good with the bad."

Kaye goes on to lay out three key recommendations: "First, internet companies need to involve local communities in governing their platforms...Second, the companies must disclose radically more information about the nature of their rulemaking and enforcement concerning expression on their platforms...Finally, the companies make claims to global roles, so they should adopt global standards – not the First Amendment, and not terms of service allowing them complete discretion. They should apply human rights law, which provides global standards protecting everyone’s right to 'seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers.'"

Kaye's recommendations echo those made by him in a report submitted to the UN Human Rights Council in April - the UN's first on online platform content regulation, complete with recommendations to states and companies.
otf  social  platform  regulation  policy  speech  foe  un 
3 days ago by dmcdev
Telecommunications, Global Competitiveness, and National Security — May 16, 2018 Statement Before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Communications and Technology
Not too long, and really good overview of current issues in Chinese technology regulation in 2018. “My testimony today reflects my experience as an analyst of Chinese technology policy for more than a decade. I have not only worked with the U.S. government, but also in the commercial sector with leading multinational companies in China. The complex structural challenges posed by China’s approach to technology and industrial policy require a deep understanding of both the commercial and strategic security dimensions of our trade and investment relationship.”
business  technology  government  china  regulation  pdf 
4 days ago by Mr0grog
The Bike Share War Is Shaking Up Seattle Like Nowhere Else | WIRED
Yet the willingness—even eagerness—of Seattle's three dockless bike sharing companies to enter into expensive and restrictive agreements with the University suggests that another way is possible. Instead of squeezing into gaps between the rules, these companies are entering into operational and financial partnerships with a jurisdiction, albeit a small one.
cycling  bikeshare  dockless  transport  regulation  innovation  Ofo  Limebike  Seattle  USA  Wired  2018 
5 days ago by inspiral
RT : vs is a false dichotomy.
1) Regulation creates stable societies that can better sustain (re…
regulation  innovation  from twitter_favs
7 days ago by Surliminal
vs is a false dichotomy.
1) Regulation creates stable societies that can better sustain (re…
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10 days ago by schee
ICO statement in response to Dixons Carphone breach announcement | ICO
ICO deciding whether to treat the Dixons breach under the 1998 or 2018 Data Protection Act
dataprotection  databreach  ICO  security  regulation  GDPR 
11 days ago by corrickwales

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