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What Are Interpersonal Skills? Here’s What You Need to Know - The Muse
We’ll cover what interpersonal skills are, why they’re important for your career, how to improve them, and how to demonstrate them in your job search.
psychology  relationships 
yesterday by renee9656
14 Icebreaker Games for Every Type of Meeting - The Muse
Icebreaker games and activities can help colleagues develop stronger relationships. We’ve got the right one for every kind of meeting.
work  relationships 
yesterday by renee9656
What Happens When Rich People Marry Poor People
And so especially the women had felt very judged as children because of their class, had felt that their peers wouldn’t play with them because of their homes.

So as adults they’re determined not to let this happen again. Now they have the resources, so they can turn their homes into these upper-middle-class symbols that they’ve “made it.” The problem was they didn’t actually know how to do that because the resources were new to them, and it was a huge learning curve to try to figure out what an upper-middle-class home actually looks like. So they would obsessively read magazines and watch TV shows and go to stores and decorate their home and redecorate their home and try to figure out how to make their home look like an upper-middle-class home, and it was something that I don’t think they could ever feel comfortable with. There was always this threat that somebody would come over and their true origins would be exposed.
gender  culture  finance  relationships 
yesterday by ramitsethi
How Dating Became a 'Market' - The Atlantic
“It’s almost like humans aren’t actually commodities.”
dating  economics  relationships 
2 days ago by hthief
Beloved, You Are Not “Torn,” You Are In Denial About Your Choices
Found this one fascinating because I've drifted like this in the past and am very glad not to be this person any more.
relationships  Choice  decisions 
2 days ago by andrewducker
'MAFS' Mishel Has Called Out A Massive Relationship Red Flag
"I'm not allowed to swear among my words. I'm not allowed to say I'm going to wee or poo, I have to say I'm going to use the bathroom."

Sure, they were little things, but as everyone's favourite uncle Paul Kelly has taught us, from little things, big things grow. And telling a woman what she can and can't say is where controlling behaviour starts.

And when a control freak gets away with small attempts to control you, that's when they become emboldened and go for the bigger stuff: what you're wearing, who you're going out with, how you spend your money...

Steve did that thing that controlling dudes do when they get called out, he went passive-aggressive.

"I'm sorry," he began, which is a classic technique, especially when it's followed by a "but" which indicates he's anything but sorry.

"But I don't talk over her. If she wants to swear, the reason I said I don't appreciate that is if the words are directed at me.
mafs  relationships  psychology  abuse 
4 days ago by timberwolfoz
7 Signs This Woman Might Be Right For You - YouTube
1. She activates your King 👑
2. She suits you (suitable helper).
3. She knows the language (how/when/what to say to you).
4. She respects you.
5. She complements the vision 🖼
6. She's washable (vulnerable & teachable).
7. She fights for self government (self-control).
emotional_mastery  leading_indicators  relationships  self-control 
4 days ago by jerryking
I have a young family and don’t see a future for the marriage - divorce | Ask MetaFilter
The deal: I am 40 and have been married for 5 years and together 9. We have a 6 month old baby and mortgage. I have felt that the relationship is not what I want for 2.5 years.
askmefi  pileon  pile-on  relationships 
4 days ago by fjordaan
ADHD & Gaslighting In Women
Women with ADHD are more vulnerable to gaslighting. We explore why.
adhd  relationships  abuse 
5 days ago by hypatia

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