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The Stimulus Deal Gives the Music Industry a Fighting Chance - Rolling Stone
Under the final $2 trillion relief package, self-employed musicians, songwriters, and music support crew who make under $100,000 annually are eligible to apply for relief grants and loans such as emergency economic injury disaster loan (EIDL) grants. (The Senate approved its bill late Wednesday and the House is expected to confirm its counterpart on Friday.) The stimulus deal — the largest in American history — also includes a bundle of other programs assisting small businesses, contractors, individuals with student loans, and unemployed workers, which can put more cash in music-industry workers’ pockets.

“Here’s what this boils down to me: They’re going to be eligible for loans and grants and possibly forgiveness of those loans if they can’t make up the income at the end of the year,” Bart Herbison, executive director of the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI)
coronavirus  bill  musicians  relief 
7 days ago by Quercki
Coronavirus checks, direct deposits are coming. Here's everything you need to know.
Q: I owe back taxes. Will the IRS snatch my check?

No, your payment won't be affected if you owe past due taxes to federal or state governments.
COVID19  coronavirus  relief  cash  IRS  taxes 
8 days ago by Michael.Massing
False Claim That Pelosi Withheld Coronavirus Funds Over Abortion -
A viral Facebook post falsely claims that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “wouldn’t release 8.5 billion for Coronavirus without abortion funding.” A House bill providing $8.3 billion in relief was already signed into law. The “abortion funding” claim is a distortion of a separate debate over a different bill
For starters, the “8.5 billion” refers to a different bill — the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act — that the Democrat-controlled House passed on March 4. It provides $8.3 billion for federal agencies to respond to the outbreak (which was more than the $2.5 billion originally requested by the White House). The Republican-led Senate approved the measure the next day, and President Donald Trump signed it into law on March 6, days before the post appeared on Facebook.

So it’s false to say Pelosi refused to “release 8.5 billion for Coronavirus.”
Nancy_Pelosi  coronavirus  relief  bill 
12 days ago by Quercki
How to Slow Down Your Breathing for Anxiety Attack Relief - YouTube
GOT ANXIETY ATTACKS? // Find out how to slow down your breathing for Anxiety Attack Relief. This video will show you 3 steps on how to slow down your breathing and regain your focus and energy. If you’re looking for holistic ways to deal with anxiety then this video is for you. RESOURCES MENTIONED: Watch The Best Way To Minimize Stress On a Daily Basis: Download your free morning success ritual checklist: Join Free Facebook Group "Mindset for Career Driven Women": Say Hey on social: Instagram: Facebook:
How  to  Slow  Down  Your  Breathing  for  Anxiety  Attack  Relief 
december 2019 by siobhanfrancedpt
FEMA’s Hurricane Aid to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands Has Stalled (NYT, 11/27/2019)
Two years after Hurricanes Maria and Irma, records show the agency’s work on long-term recovery on the islands is crawling compared with some states on the mainland.
puertorico  virginislands  fema  hurricane  relief  recovery 
november 2019 by davidkoren
lucky-sideburn/KubeInvaders: Chaos Engineering Tool for Kubernetes and Openshift
Shoot down you your kubernetes pods like in the Space Invaders game! Ostensibly to test failure resistance...
humor  stress  relief  chaos  engineering  joke  game  kubernetes  devops 
november 2019 by asteroza

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