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How I learned to stop worrying and love the coming archivability crisis in scientific software
Very good paper on the inability of current mechanisms to provide a system for publishing software results that can be reproduced in the future.
science  publishing  archiving  repeatability  future  reproducibility 
january 2017 by drmeme
Software repeatability
Problems of doing science with software that you can't reliably re-run
software  science  repeatability 
january 2017 by nelson
Impact of implementation choices on quantitative predictions of cell-based computational models | bioRxiv
‘Cell-based’ models provide a powerful computational tool for studying the mechanisms underlying the growth and dynamics of biological tissues in health and disease. An increasing amount of quantitative data with cellular resolution has paved the way for the quantitative parameterisation and validation of such models. However, the numerical implementation of cell-based models remains challenging, and little work has been done to understand to what extent implementation choices may influence model predictions. Here, we consider the numerical implementation of a popular class of cell-based models called vertex models, used extensively to simulate epithelial tissues. In two-dimensional vertex models, a tissue is approximated as a tessellation of polygons and the vertices of these polygons move due to mechanical forces originating from the cells. We analyse how the model predictions may be affected by implementation-specific parameters, such as the size of the numerical time step. We find that vertex positions and summary statistics are sensitive to multiple implementation parameters. For example, the predicted tissue size decreases with decreasing cell cycle durations, and cell rearrangement may be suppressed by large time steps. These findings are counter-intuitive and illustrate that model predictions need to be thoroughly analysed and implementation details carefully considered when applying cell-based computational models in a quantitative setting.
theoretical-biology  simulation  rather-interesting  computational-methods  repeatability  robustness  parametrization  modeling-is-not-mathematics  to-write-about  nudge-targets  consider:maximizing-diversity  consider:stress-testing 
december 2016 by Vaguery
Placebo effects are weak: regression to the mean is the main reason ineffective treatments appear to work
Since the experiments include impacted individuals, they are likely to regress to the mean and thus "show" an effect that may not be there.
placebo  science  regression  repeatability 
december 2015 by drmeme
Why growth hacking is a foreign concept to many business owners - The Globe and Mail
Special to The Globe and Mail
Published Thursday, May. 21 2015,

Quite simply, growth hacking is about focusing your energy in the right areas, being creative and using a combination of analytical thinking, social metrics and long-term thinking to power low-cost innovation....“The most successful businesses are always trying to find scalable and repeatable methods for growth, and their marketing strategies and tactics are rooted in data and technology,”...Use data analytics Markus Frind, CEO of PlentyOfFish and a speaker at Traction Conf, describes growth hacking for him as “applying data to marketing to achieve growth, via virality.”

Mr. Frind started his company in 2003 and grew it into one of the largest online dating sites in the world. With more than 100 million users and $100-million in revenue, he knows what he’s talking about. And luckily, Google Analytics is available to everyone.

For Mr. Frind, growth hacking boils down to a combination of “SEO, split-testing and understanding the virality of the users.” He believes understanding that made it “easy to see what was working and what wasn’t.”

By understanding where traffic is coming from and why people are seeking you out, you have a stronger understanding of your consumer – and you’re incredibly short-sighted if you don’t think your consumer defines your brand. This is a significant piece of the puzzle for growing a business.
analytics  customer_insights  effectiveness  growth_hacking  innovation  long-term  marketing  repeatability  SEO  short-sightedness  small_business  virality 
june 2015 by jerryking
Venture Capitalists Are Making Bigger Bets on Food Start-Ups -
Published: April 28, 2013

Yet some investors say the projects have a better chance of success if they steer clear of selling actual food. “The food category has been a hard nut to crack because it’s a perishable item,” said Mark Suster, an investor at GRP Partners. “The No. 1 thing V.C.’s are looking for are scalable and repeatable, high-margin businesses. You can create those in food, it’s just harder.”
Claire_Cain_Miller  venture_capital  vc  food  perishables  scaling  big_bets  repeatability  high-margin 
april 2013 by jerryking

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