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Investigating the style of self-portraits (selfies) in five cities across the world.
visualization  photography  data  research  selfie  photo  dataviz  selfies  socialmedia  instagram 
yesterday by atran
Who needs backup dancers when you can have confidence intervals? (IBM Design)
Наглядная памятка Stefanie Owens из IBM для дизайнеров и пользовательских исследователях об основах статистики.
UX  statistics  research  reference  methods  issue 
yesterday by jvetrau
SciCheck on the Air -
This year, SciCheck writer Vanessa Schipani has appeared on NBC10 in Philadelphia several times to discuss some of her stories. On Aug. 13, Schipani discussed deceptive articles that claim bacon is healthier than tilapia.
yesterday by dougleigh
Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2017-07-15/Op-ed - Wikipedia
Task forces and subgroups play a vital role for their parent projects and ultimately, the encyclopedia itself. They do this by specifying and taking care of tasks that the parent projects may not have time for. The downside? With a less broad focus they can die out quickly if the task force cannot find or keep active members. For you readers who may not know what task forces or workgroups are, they're subgroups that focus on a certain "tasks" under their parent projects' scope. Many have their own organisation of members, roles, important tasks, and how to solve them.
Wikiprojects  wikipedia  signpost  research 
yesterday by jaimoe
martin-svk/dot-files: Well documented, terminal centric web developer's dot files. Neovim, Zsh, Tmux, Git, etc.
dot-files - :zap: Well documented, terminal centric web developer's dot files. Neovim, Zsh, Tmux, Git, etc.
dotfiles  tmux  vim  nvim  cli  research 
yesterday by jschoolcraft
Memories of Fear Could Be Permanently Erased, Study Shows - Slashdot
A new study unpicks why certain sounds can stir alarming memories, and reveals a new approach to wiping such memories from the brain.
yesterday by dougleigh
Chapman University DataFest Highlights | R-bloggers
Editor’s Note: The 2017 Chapman University DataFest was held during the weekend of April 21-23. The 2018 DataFest will be held during the weekend of April 27-29. DataFest was founded by Rob Gould in 2011 at UCLA with 40 students. In just seven years, it has grown to 31 sites in three countries.
yesterday by dougleigh
Extreme heat: Sometimes you need a pulsing red circle of data to understand how abnormally hot Earth is getting — Quartz
Earth is constantly breaking heat records. The latest international State of the Climate report noted that 2016 was the hottest year on record, and NASA just announced that July 2017 tied with July 2016 as the hottest July on record.
yesterday by dougleigh
What do revised U.S. rules mean for human research?
"Following a contentious 5½-year process, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) released a revised “Common Rule,” which governs federally funded research involving human subjects. The updated rule includes a number of welcome changes for U.S. institutions and researchers, and their scientific collaborators abroad. Annual protocol review by an institutional review board (IRB) is eliminated for many studies that pose minimal risk to participants following initial approval; IRBs no longer need to review and document concordance between grant proposals and study protocols; and, pertinent to research conducted with international collaborators, the rule recognizes that there may be cultural groups or communities for which signing a consent form is not usual. Concerns remain, however, regarding some elements of the revised rule and their implications. With preparations under way in advance of the rule's taking effect on 19 January 2018, and in light of lingering uncertainty, we highlight provisions that will present the greatest challenges to institutions and researchers."
human.research  research  science 
yesterday by ribbonknight

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