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Toshiba develops a quantum key distribution scheme for standard fiber-optic lines that's five times faster than previous technologies.

— Parsing Science (@ParsingScience) September 25, 2018
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3 hours ago by dougleigh
Scientists find evidence that dating mass extinction events may be confounded by the spread of organisms deposited throughout the fossil record.

— Parsing Science (@ParsingScience) September 24, 2018
research  parsingscience 
5 hours ago by dougleigh
Study finds that psychological stress may lead mitochondrial DNA to behave like a hormone, leading to inflammation, which immune cells treat as a foreign invasion.

— Parsing Science (@ParsingScience) September 24, 2018
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8 hours ago by dougleigh
A gut-brain neural circuit for nutrient sensory transduction | Science
Dissecting the gut-brain axis

It is generally believed that cells in the gut transduce sensory information through the paracrine action of hormones. Kaelberer et al. found that, in addition to the well-described classical paracrine transduction, enteroendocrine cells also form fast, excitatory synapses with vagal afferents (see the Perspective by Hoffman and Lumpkin). This more direct circuit for gut-brain signaling uses glutamate as a neurotransmitter. Thus, sensory cues that stimulate the gut could potentially be manipulated to influence specific brain functions and behavior, including those linked to food choices.
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9 hours ago by suitable
The Conversation (Canada)
"... an independent source of news and views, from the academic and research community, delivered direct to the public."
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9 hours ago by kmo
News Analysis - Adobe, Microsoft and SAP announce the Open Data Initiative to empower a new generation of customer experiences - Good idea, good start...
"MyPOV – This has been the 20+ year promise of every CRM vendor – always desired – seldom achieved. But vendors traditionally only have taken an exclusive to their offering’s stance – which of course does not reflect enterprise reality, which spans multiple vendors… and left it to the enterprise to implement this use case.
adobe  cloud  constellation  research  crm  customer  success  holger  mueller  ignite  microsoft  nextgen  apps  sap 
9 hours ago by jonerp
Professor May-lee Chai: Free to Dream
THE KEY REPORTER (PHI BETA KAPPA) -- But her multi-disciplinary education began much earlier, when she was an undergraduate at Grinnell College. An advisor guided her through the distribution requirements in the liberal arts curriculum, ensuring that she would eventually be eligible for Phi Beta Kappa.

“Then I became aware of the significance of Phi Beta Kappa both culturally and academically,” she said. “And I’m so very grateful that I had a good adviser who looked at me that way.” Chai was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa at Grinnell in 1988.

Now she has the chance to advise students herself, as a Creative Writing professor at San Francisco State University. For her, the classroom serves as a community of writers, a place to talk craft, and a window to the stories her students are writing. Those are particularly exciting, she says, because they’re the stories no one’s ever read before.
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10 hours ago by sfstatelca
What happens to police departments that collect more fines? They solve fewer crimes. - The Washington Post
Examining nearly 6,000 cities’ finance and crime data for each of the two studied years, we find a strong link between revenue collection and clearance rates. Police departments in cities that collect a greater share of their revenue from fees, fines and civilly forfeited assets have significantly lower rates of solving violent and property crimes.
justice  police  analysis  research  culture 
11 hours ago by rmohns
Best Practices for API Error Handling | Nordic APIs |
Excellent recap of what large API providers do with error responses for their APIs.
research  http  errors  apis  design 
11 hours ago by earth2marsh
Professor McBride Rides Orson Welles' 'Wind'
MADISON MAGAZINE (WISCONSIN) -- “It’s rather miraculous that the film is finished in such a beautiful way,” McBride told me last week. “That it looks so good after sitting in a laboratory in Paris for 40-plus years.”

Joe McBride today is a professor in the school of cinema at San Francisco State University and the author of numerous acclaimed books on film, including a passionate defense of Welles’ late career, titled “Whatever Happened to Orson Welles?”
cine  faculty  research  regional  metrics 
11 hours ago by sfstatelca
Organic children's yogurts found to have some of the highest sugar contents in the product line.

— Parsing Science (@ParsingScience) September 24, 2018
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12 hours ago by dougleigh
Mourning Professor Dawn Bohulano Mabalon, Filipino Americans' Fervent Scholar
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- In the meantime, Mabalon became a professor at San Francisco State University and devoted her life to telling the story of a multicultural America. She was no dry academic: She was an expert on hip-hop and food.

“She was all life,” said Trevor Getz, chairman of the University’s History Department. She was a fine teacher as well. “Her scholarship and teaching are what we are really about,” Getz said.

San Francisco State will hold a memorial service in her honor on October 6.
hist  faculty  research  regional  metrics 
12 hours ago by sfstatelca

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