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iPhone Reset - einfach & schnell das iPhone neu starten!
„Hard Reset“. Die meisten iPhone Probleme werden so ganz schnell und ohne Datenverlust behoben.
howto  reset  iphone  hardreset  reference 
3 days ago by ferdinandfuchs
Git Reset 101 – Hacker Noon
Reset is probably one of the least understood git commands with the addition of having a bad reputation for being dangerous. There is a valid reason for both of these claims: yes, the reset command…
git  reset  howto  guide 
7 days ago by justusthane
Destyle.css - a clean slate for writing CSS without user agent styles
Opinionated reset stylesheet that provides a clean slate for styling your html.
css  reset 
11 days ago by linuslundahl
Git Explorer
GitExplorer: Find the right git commands you need without digging through the web
amend  ammend  bitbucket  branch  changes  command  commands  commit  commits  committed  compare  delete  development  errors  explorer  git  github  gitlab  in  learning  message  modify  problems  reference  reset  show  snippet  staged  tools  uncommitted  undo  versioncontrol 
13 days ago by speckz
How to Reset Your Forgotten Windows Password the Easy Way
reset windows password using Windows CD, easy way Very good trick
reset  windows  password 
18 days ago by madnaut
Programming and debugging ARM processors can be done using the Serial Wire Debug protocol, which is an extension to the JTAG protocoal. For this, there are several commercial JTAG adapters available, but there are more budget friendly alternatives available. Next to for example the FTDI adapter described here, an even simpler solution is available, but just using the popular Raspberry Pi as SWD JTAG adapter. The big advantage using an SBC like this, is that there is no additional link between the adapter and host computer (usually via usb), but the mcu is programmed directly using the GPIO on the SBC itself. The Serial Wire Debug interface lends itself in simplicity, as it only uses 4 wires to connect to the arm processor:
raspberrypi  openocd  reset  signal 
19 days ago by bfritz

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