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quick roundup of resources and tips if you’re in...
quick roundup of resources and tips if you’re in high school (or college, really) and you want to make a fiction podcast
16 hours ago by olanthanide
Slow Travel Blog For The Digital Nomad Lifestyle | Slow Travel Co.
Find helpful and practical tips in our slow travel blog for the digital nomad lifestyle. We’ll cover everything you need to set yourself up in some of the best places to live and work remotely in the world. You’ll get the lowdown on accommodation, internet speeds, places to work, food, transport, safety and more.
digital  resource  nomad  research 
23 hours ago by rsewan
Henné Color: Henna powder - Henné Color
Popular brand of box henna hair color. Product ingredients are listed on the site. Some shades of dye use sodium picramate, which is a metallic salt, as well as other artificial colors. Others such as Copper, Black and Chestnut, are just henna, indigo, and cassia.
hair  henna  ingredients  resource 
yesterday by atelathehun

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