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A Five-Step Toolkit for Dealing with White Supremacists in the Era of Trump - Ms. Magazine Blog
There are only two ways to stop a neo-Nazi from ramming a car into a crowd of people: find and defuse him before he gets behind the wheel, or set up traffic-control barriers around the perimeter. If you’re doing peace-keeping at a large protest action, try to focus not on the loudest antagonists but on the guys who seem most frustrated, because those are the ones we need to defuse.

Most of the time, we’re dealing with individual bigots or a small group of harassers. There are many specific intervention techniques that work in one-on-one and small-group incidents, without escalating. So don’t just get upset—do something that works.

Here’s a tested tool-kit of five successful intervention options for the next time a bigot with an attitude starts to go off.
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Google Guide to CS Dev
Google's guide to courses students should take to get technical jobs like those at Google, with online course materials
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