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API Change Management – Good API
Over and over we see HTTP APIs (and now GraphQL APIs) fall into the same versioning trap. Semantic versioning isn’t meant for distributed systems where the goal is to have many components evolving…
rest  API 
yesterday by pks
RESTful API Design Tips from Experience
A working guide of API design tips and trend evaluations.
web  web_api  REST  guidelines 
yesterday by brunsnik
Representing State in REST and GraphQL | Phil Sturgeon
If an API is nothing but actions then it is probably better off as RPC. I'm building a permissions API that accepts a bunch of parameters, then returns true or false if the user has permission. That can stay as RPC.

REST is all about a beautiful mixture of data, relationships and actions.
2 days ago by tonious
RESTful API Design Tips from Experience – studioarmix – Medium
I am reminded of a lovely quote that I found through another Medium post by Ken Rogers, of which was originally written by Hemingway: As I write this, I chuckle to myself in seeing a great parallel…
rest  API  microservices 
2 days ago by pks
Insomnia REST Client
Powerful HTTP toolbelt, in one intuitive app
Free and open source on Mac, Windows, and Linux
HTTP  REST  client  GitHub 
2 days ago by coffeebucket

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