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Ultimate Cart
Atari 8-Bit SD card cart.
Atari  Retro  hardware 
8 hours ago by asommer
G4UGM's Vintage Computer Pages
Well on here you will find an eclectic collection of miscellaneous junk, mostly to do with "Vintage and Classic" computing, whatever that is when its at home!
retro  computing  history  emulator  opensource 
2 days ago by cyberchucktx
Arcade Font Writer
Create old arcade style game headlines and titles
retro  fonts  tools 
3 days ago by VoxPelli
GitHub - hasegawa-tomoki/php-terminal-nes-emulator: A PHP terminal NES emulator
A PHP terminal NES emulator. Contribute to hasegawa-tomoki/php-terminal-nes-emulator development by creating an account on GitHub.
php  terminal  asciiart  nes  nintendo  emulator  game  opensource  floss  retro 
3 days ago by gilberto5757
My Voodoo 5 Modifications (pictures and process) | NGEmu
modifying a 3dfx voodoo 5 5500 with new heatsinks:
-place card in freezer for a few hours (bag it)
-take out of freezer and CAREFULLY pry off the stock heatsinks with a screwdriver (SEE:
-clean off all excess thermal paste with ISO alcohol
-VERY CAREFULLY use fine grit sandpaper to clean off remainder
-use Arctic Alumina or some other quality NON-CONDUCTIVE thermal paste and attach some new RAM heatsinks to each memory unit on the board
-clamp RAM heatsinks to board for at least 1 hour to allow drying
-Must research best heatsinks and fans.
-VERY CAREFULLY spread Arctic Silver 3 (or similar) on bare GPU units and then attach new Socket-7 heatsinks & fans
-Possibly also mounts fans on the opposite side of board from each GPU. Supposedly it the V5 5500 gets very hot there too.
3dfx  hardware  retro 
4 days ago by mbw

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