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Microtubules at focal adhesions – a double-edged sword | Journal of Cell Science
Cell adhesion to the extracellular matrix is essential for cellular processes, such as migration and invasion. In response to cues from the microenvironment, integrin-mediated adhesions alter cellular behaviour through cytoskeletal rearrangements. The tight association of the actin cytoskeleton with adhesive structures has been extensively studied, whereas the microtubule network in this context has gathered far less attention. In recent years, however, microtubules have emerged as key regulators of cell adhesion and migration through their participation in adhesion turnover and cellular signalling. In this Review, we focus on the interactions between microtubules and integrin-mediated adhesions, in particular, focal adhesions and podosomes. Starting with the association of microtubules with these adhesive structures, we describe the classical role of microtubules in vesicular trafficking, which is involved in the turnover of cell adhesions, before discussing how microtubules can also influence the actin–focal adhesion interplay through RhoGTPase signalling, thereby orchestrating a very crucial crosstalk between the cytoskeletal networks and adhesions.
microtubules  focal_adhesions  Review 
2 hours ago by Segalllab
Carpe Diem Redeemed
When Os Guinness has something to say, I’m ready to listen.
Os-Guinness  Guinness-CDR  review  KC 
8 hours ago by ivp
Why Tech Giants Are So Desperate to Provide Your Voice Assistant
Voice assistants represent the third key UI and technology platform shift of the past three decades, following the web in the 1990’s and smartphones about 10 years ago.
hbr  harvard  business  review  voice  era  alexa  google  assistant  2019 
18 hours ago by yencarnacion
2020 Chevrolet Corvette Is More Than the Best Corvette Ever
Chevy's mid-engined C8 Corvette could never live up to all the hype that it's generated, but it comes damn close.
High expectations are a bitch. Whether you're anticipating Adele's next album, Ron Howard's next movie, or Christian Yelich's next at-bat, it's only human to feel a little deflated if it doesn't turn out just the way you'd dreamed it would. And, so, the deflation potential is high with the new mid-engined 2020 Chevrolet Corvette.
HIGHS: Laid-back cruiser, ferocious track animal, well-executed interior (finally!).
From the moment that rumors surfaced that the engine in the next C8-generation Corvette might move behind the seats, the presumption that the car would be a breakthrough, a revelation, and a revolution has followed it like a moon shadow. Now it's here. And it does look more like a Ferrari than a Corvette, with the same cabin-forward proportions as every hyperfast, megadollar exotic on the market. And we've driven it extensively. So, has Chevrolet built a supercar for the masses—an American Ferrari—or simply a better Corvette? The answer is yes—but with an asterisk. It's complicated.
cars  corvette  2020s  review 
19 hours ago by rgl7194
Backblaze: online Time Machine for Mac, and we have invites | Ars Technica
Backblaze is a remote backup service with a few twists, including a "set it …
Competition in the online backup market is heating up now that bandwidth and storage are cheap enough for the average consumer. Backblaze is a service that we checked out in June for Windows users that has a "set it and forget it" approach like Mac OS X's Time Machine; the client backs up nearly everything on the computer to make sure no crucial bytes are lost. Now, Backblaze is back with the official launch of its Mac client (in beta, naturally), and we scored 300 invites for Ars Technica readers.
Like its competitors, such as Mozy, Backblaze provides a software client that watches over files on the drive, then uploads any files marked in directories for backup to Backblaze's managed data centers. Configurable via a System Preferences pane, Backblaze can work on a schedule or run in the background to keep an eye on file changes as you make them, and your files are encrypted before transmission with AES military grade encryption, and transmitted over an encrypted SSL connection. For extra security, you can use a private encryption key which Backblaze never stores, but if you lose that key, your backup files are as good as gone.
backup  cloud  mac  review  backblaze 
yesterday by rgl7194
Making off-site backups brainless: hands-on with Backblaze | Ars Technica
Backing up to an external drive is smart. Backing up to an off-site data …
Storage and bandwidth prices have finally hit a sweet spot to make off-site backup services feasible for the general consumer. A small handful of companies that provide secure storage and a simple client for over-the-web backups have emerged in recent years, but a new company called Backblaze is debuting today with some unique features and a different perspective on how this type of service should work. We sat down for a chat with Gleb Budman, CEO and co-founder of Backblaze, and took the company's product for a spin around our desktop to see if we can get in the habit of backing up off-site. We also scored 300 invites for Ars Technica readers, but don't worry: we won't make you confess to being a backup luddite to get one.
An off-site backup service, if you've never heard of one, allows you to backup your data to a secure data center. This is typically accomplished by installing a configurable local client that watches over your files, continuously uploading new and updated copies. Usually, these clients can be customized to only kick in at specific times of the day or week, and to only back up certain kinds of data or specific directories. The idea is that, while backing up to an external hard drive connected to your computer is smart, that drive won't do you much good if it gets stolen or your house burns down.
The problem with other services, according to Gleb, is that they often require too much setup. "Set it and forget" still isn't sinking in with consumers because the configuration process is sometimes convoluted or confusing. We've had experience with Mozy ourselves, for example, an off-site backup service whose client requires you to select specific directories or file types to watch and backup. In Gleb's experience, however, too many customers are still getting confused or feel defeated by the opt-in style of backing up. For example: sometimes these services don't count files from alternative word processors like Apple's Pages in the "Documents" category for backing up, while others exclude Photoshop documents from the "Images" category.
backup  cloud  mac  review  backblaze 
yesterday by rgl7194
Backblaze Cloud Storage Service Review | Cloud Storage Advice
Price - 100%
Speed - 95%
Security - 95%
Online Reviews - 95%
Storage - 95%
User Review 10/10 (2 votes)
Backblaze is a strong contender for the title of best online backup service. This cloud backup solution focuses just as much on security as it does on integration. And, as it turns out, these two have far more in common than you might think. We’ll see what that means in our Backblaze review. We’ll also discuss Backblaze pricing and features, as well as a few Backblaze alternatives.
Backblaze – General Info
Backblaze is a cloud backup service that offers both personal and business backup, as well as B2 cloud storage. You can use it to create a secure cloud storage for all your important files. They focus quite a lot on security and transparency. And Backblaze pricing tiers are surprisingly affordable for the services they offer. However, Backblaze is perhaps better suited for small businesses or freelancers working from home. If you’re simply looking for online storage space, Backblaze might be a little bit excessive...
Our Verdict
To conclude our Backblaze review, we can safely say this cloud backup service is a fairly good choice both for home and business backup. The simple infrastructure it uses, coupled with the fact that Backblaze uses native software to operate makes it a highly secure cloud backup option. However, Backblaze may feel a bit bulky when it comes to home use, as all you can do is upload and download your files, with very few customization options. Still, if you are in the market for a solid cloud backup solution, Backblaze is definitely worth considering.
backup  cloud  mac  review  backblaze 
yesterday by rgl7194
Backblaze Cloud Backup Review - IGN
$5 a month for unlimited storage.
Backblaze is one of the most popular cloud backup services around right now, and it’s easy to see why. It costs only $5 a month per PC or Mac with unlimited storage, making it one of the most affordable services available, and it takes almost no time to set up (See pricing details on the Backblaze site). In just a few clicks, all your important files will be protected not only from hard drive crashes, but theft, fire, and other disasters.
Cloud backup options vary wildly in price and functionality, but they're increasingly necessary for peace of mind and data security. I thoroughly evaluated Backblaze along with several other leading packages based on three main criteria: pricing, features, and performance...
Backblaze knows the biggest challenge in the backup world is just getting people to make a back up in the first place, so they’ve made the process cheap and simple—at least unless you want to back up programs, system files, or only a few select folders. But for the average user, Backblaze is totally set-it-and-forget-it. In fact, you barely have to do any setup, so it’s more like install-it-and-forget-it. I wish it kept deleted files for more than 30 days, and that its settings were a bit more straightforward, but with its ease of use and unbeatable price, Backblaze is pretty great.
backup  cloud  review  backblaze  windows 
yesterday by rgl7194
DriveDx for Mac review | Macworld
Diagnostic software that uses S.M.A.R.T. information and other data to provide a comprehensive health report.
2019  Mac911  review  Glenn  Fleishman  MacWorld 
yesterday by jmello
Backblaze Review: The best cloud backup service — The Sweet Setup
Backing up your files to an off-site cloud server is an easy, affordable, and safe way to make sure that your most important files are safe. For our review, we tested, used, and researched the most popular services, and we recommend Backblaze. It’s the easiest to set up and use. It’s also quite affordable.
To get started, you simply download the Backblaze app from their website, create an account, and then let the app do its thing...
Historically, people have tended to not back up their computers because it seems difficult, expensive, or both. The truth is, however, that keeping duplicate copies of data is easier and cheaper than ever.
As we all store more than ever on our computers, not having the data stored in multiple locations is just plain foolish. 100-percent of computers will fail and all hard drives will die. A good backup solution is easy and automated, and it puts your data on multiple drives in multiple places. Using a cloud backup service answers these needs.
backup  cloud  mac  review  backblaze  comparo 
yesterday by rgl7194
Backblaze review: No-hassle online backup is a no-brainer decision | PCWorld
Unlimited storage, no decisions on what to back up, no pressure... Cool.
If you're not sure what you want to back up, or where it is, or just don't want the pressure of trying to figure it all out—Backblaze is the online backup service you want. It offers unlimited storage, and backs up everything except items you explicitly exclude. Given all that, it's ridiculously inexpensive compared to the competition—check out all our reviews in our online backup roundup...
Historically speaking, the easier backup is, the better chance it'll actually get done. We know of no simpler, more foolproof online backup service than Backblaze. The fact that it's insanely cheap doesn't hurt, either. Download it, install it, forget about it. Until you need it, at any rate. Recommended.
backup  cloud  review  backblaze  windows 
yesterday by rgl7194
Backblaze review | TechRadar
A flaming good SaaS service
Backblaze delivers a simple to use tool that secures all the critical files on a computer irrespective of how many there are, and can restore them easily should the worst happen.
Unlimited backup
Low cost
Restore options
30-day versioning
No mobile support
Private key issues
...Final verdict
The key weaknesses of the Backblaze offering are the lack of support for any mobile devices. And, the basic service covers only one computer, negating the possibility of using it to sync multiple systems.
The private key that you must give up to restore also isn’t ideal, and we hope that Backblaze come up with a better methodology than merely promising to forget it after use.
It might not look very exciting or have the subtle controls that some other solutions offer, but Backblaze does a decent job a minimal cost.
backup  cloud  mac  review  backblaze 
yesterday by rgl7194

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