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RT : NEW REVIEW: Gummies Offer Authentic, Craveable Gummy Bear Taste

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yesterday by kitoconnell
Invitation to Retreat by Ruth Haley Barton | At A Crossroads | Noah FilipiakInvitation to Retreat by Ruth Haley Barton
Invitation to Retreat brought me back to the reality that we are human beings created with limitations and that we must honor those limitations, lest suffer the consequences of overwork which I am all too familiar with.
DG  Ruth-Haley-Barton  Barton-IR  Reviews 
2 days ago by ivp
Backup Strategies for 2018 | Lullabot
This is a good blog article on the current state of backup solutions, including cloud backup solutions.
backups  reviews 
2 days ago by darkwater
Influence Magazine | Reading and Preaching the Wisdom Books
Finding Favour in the Sight of God provides a welcome help to preachers of the wisdom books of the Bible. While this is not a commentary of these biblical books, it will orient readers to better understand and apply their contents.
DG  Richard-Belcher  Belcher-FFSG  Reviews 
3 days ago by ivp
The Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8: Half the Price and Just as Good? | Fstoppers
Back in April, Tamron announced their 28-75mm f/2.8 lens for the Sony E mount and the community anticipated something super sharp and refreshingly affordable. After high demand, more units hit the shelves next week and reviews so far suggest that Tamron has delivered.
photography  sony  lenses  reviews 
3 days ago by kger
watchOS 5: The BirchTree Review – BirchTree
One of the better reviews / overviews of watchOS 5 I've seen.
watchos  reviews  apple  watch  linkfodder 
4 days ago by vanderwal

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