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Top 10 silent movies
list by Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 22 November 2013
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9 hours ago by Mykl
Comic Book Reviews at gathers critic reviews for comic books all in one place and gives an overall rating for each issue based on individual reviewer's scores. visitors can post their own ratings and/or reviews for comics which are taken into account when calculating an issue's overall user rating.

The aim is to give comic book fans one place to go to for reviews and to also find new sources of reviews that they may not have known about before. Every review snippet has a link to the full review on the website the review originated from. I hope having easy access to these sites will encourage visitors to click over to them so they can read the review in full and find new reviewers they would like to follow.
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11 hours ago by andyhuey
Review Researching: 3 Examples of in the Buyer's Journey
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yesterday by ahailey
Why Critics Are Wrong to Scold Evangelicals for H... | Christianity Today
4/5 star review for In Search of Ancient Roots. Very shareable. Unlocked link.
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yesterday by ivp
St. Vincent perfects her fractured, futuristic pop vision on Masseduction
In a recent Q&A for Billboard, St. Vincent’s Annie Clark talked about why, despite her recent foray into filmmaking, she’s not all that interested in acting in front of the camera. “I don’t mind the performance aspect of it, because that’s kind of interesting,” she explains. “But I really don’t like the lack of control. I want to direct stuff, because you have control.” The statement shouldn’t be remotely surprising for fans of Clark’s music, even cursory ones. St. Vincent albums thrive on rigor—obsidian-like tones, meticulous arrangements, elliptical lyrical tropes—and thematic structure. Clark creates her own internal logic, ensuring each record inhabits a unique, Narnia-like universe.
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yesterday by matthewcassinelli
All The Best Managed WordPress Hosting Companies Compared (2017)
When it comes to WordPress hosting, the best in class are the specialist managed WordPress hosting services. But which of these to choose? Let's take a look
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yesterday by objectif
Embodied Hope: A Theological Meditation on Pain and Suffering - Pain-Free Living Life
"The book is not for everyone, considering that it is focused on how Christians live in the midst of suffering. But we think it can help readers of any background who live with serious illness or physical pain think more deeply about the roles God and faith play in their daily lives."
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2 days ago by ivp

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