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Why You Need to Think About Amazon Alternatives in 2018
The surface appeal of Amazon FBA is easy to grasp. More than half (55%) of all online product searches start on Amazon, according to BloomReach. Plus, FBA helps connect you to the 65 million+ Amazon Prime subscribers, who spend thousands of dollars annually across the site and renew their annual memberships at a rate of over 90%. It's no wonder many Amazon FBA sellers see an initial sales bump.

However, there's more than meets the eye with Amazon FBA - and it's not all positive for the sustainability of your business
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2 days ago by jeromekatz
The Strategist
New Products, Gift Ideas & The Best Deals
2 days ago by mgdf
Product Reviews and Top-Rated Roundups
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Nest Plays Catch Up With New Temperature Sensors and More: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company
(As of March 2018—)
“Nest is finally getting remote sensors so it can make your room the temperature you want where you sit or sleep, not just where the thermostat is. They’ll cost $40 for one and $100 for a three-pack when they start shipping next month, but they work only with the latest third-generation and Nest E thermostats.

“The new sensor could help bridge the gap between the Nest ecosystem and that of the Ecobee4, our current upgrade pick for the best smart thermostat—especially since the Ecobee4 (which includes one sensor) currently costs about $40 more than a Nest E with one additional sensor. Nest still lacks HomeKit support, however, which Ecobee has.

“The Nest Thermostat already works great in homes with central air, where heating and cooling circulate readily. But it struggles with electric zone heating since it can sense the temperature only where it’s mounted (which may not be where people tend to spend time). That’s why I never bothered to set mine up after moving from a house into a T-shaped loft apartment with electric radiators last year. With some extra sensors set up around the space, however, Nest’s smart learning system might figure out how to move the heat around better. Here’s hoping this will let me get rid of the space heater I keep at my desk, too, but that’s not a sure thing.”
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2 days ago by handcoding

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