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QRP-Measuring RF Voltage, RF Current, RF Power, SWR
hamradio  hardware  rf  measurement 
13 days ago by techn0mad
#84: Basics of Ferrite Beads: Filters, EMI Suppression, Parasitic oscillation suppression - YouTube (w2aew)
Ferrite beads, inductors, filters, EMI, noise, RF, power supply, coupling/decoupling
Oscilloscope bandwidth, frequency content of square wave
Signal/function generator, sweep of frequencies
electronics  noise  filter  bandwidth  inductor  rf 
21 days ago by cameronl
To 3D print a high gain antenna, maybe it is time to learn about geodesic paraboloids .....
rf  IoT  space  from twitter_favs
21 days ago by gyaresu
The IC-R8600 working great with the SpectraVue and radios
RF  Space  SDR  IoT  from twitter_favs
24 days ago by roens
Technology - Akash Systems
Using CVD diamond substrates to better extract heat from GaN RF amplifiers to improve performance, as an alternative to GaN-SiC.
diamond  substrate  GaN  RF  power  amplifier  hardware  electronics  devices  space  technology  research  CVD 
26 days ago by asteroza
SMPS noise reduction -
"The frequency at which the noise repeats is not what you have the problem with: look at the noise waveform. The sharply rising edges have components that go into the hundreds of Mega Hertz. That's whay they are so hard to kill"

"Use a low pass filter. As stated, you must use caps that are good at mega hertz ranges like ceramic caps and possibly polyester film caps. Aluminum electrolytics and tantalums will have very little effect since the noise frequencies are above their resonant frequency."

More good stuff in this thread...
electronics  noise  filter  emi  rf  audio  essential 
4 weeks ago by cameronl

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