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EMC, come and see! – HELENTRONICA
Introduction For the past month or two, I've been dealing with the EMC issues on our projects. I've become our team's EMC guy due to my high-frequency background and because the most of the team members are either IC or FPGA design people. And because no-one wants to deal with tedious things like compliance, standards…
emi  emc  electronics  testing  emf  rf  quality 
10 days ago by xer0x
AN098 - Layout Review Techniques for Low Power RF Designs - swra367a.pdf |
- CC1101, CC430, etc. SmartRF
- "TI LPRF reference designs are...recommended to be copied exactly"
- "Impedance matching is critical"
- "how to include a test/debug port in the prototype design for easy and quick radio performance testing."
radio  rf  design  pcb  layout  electronics 
13 days ago by cameronl
Wave Machine Demonstration - YouTube
Length of duct tape w/Jelly Babies on kebab sticks, via

From "Greg Pasacrita" in the comments: "You can make a mini version of this using regular scotch tape, toothpicks, and mini marshmallows :)"
rf  education 
18 days ago by natevw

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