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Uber’s secret tool for keeping the cops in the dark • Bloomberg
Olivia Zaleski and Eric Newcomer:
<p>In May 2015 about 10 investigators for the Quebec tax authority burst into Uber Technologies Inc.’s office in Montreal. The authorities believed Uber had violated tax laws and had a warrant to collect evidence. Managers on-site knew what to do, say people with knowledge of the event.

Like managers at Uber’s hundreds of offices abroad, they’d been trained to page a number that alerted specially trained staff at company headquarters in San Francisco. When the call came in, staffers quickly remotely logged off every computer in the Montreal office, making it practically impossible for the authorities to retrieve the company records they’d obtained a warrant to collect. The investigators left without any evidence.

Most tech companies don’t expect police to regularly raid their offices, but Uber isn’t most companies.</p>

The tool is called Ripley:
<p>From spring 2015 until late 2016, Uber routinely used Ripley to thwart police raids in foreign countries, say three people with knowledge of the system. Allusions to its nature can be found in a smattering of court filings, but its details, scope, and origin haven’t been previously reported.

The Uber HQ team overseeing Ripley could remotely change passwords and otherwise lock up data on company-owned smartphones, laptops, and desktops as well as shut down the devices. This routine was initially called the unexpected visitor protocol.</p>

In <a href="">the words of Matt Stoller</a>: "Uber often looks like a criminal conspiracy that happens to run a ride-sharing service."
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11 days ago by charlesarthur
Uber evidence destruction tool
Ripley, an entire product built to hide evidence from law enforcement
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Less than 24 hours now until Michaelmas Market, and on today's menu are and…
Ripley  SausageRolls  cooking  from twitter_favs
november 2016 by CraigCamp
A quick color improvement on this old piece
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The Psychology of an Ethnic Fraud: Behind Rachel Dolezal’s Invented Persecution - The Daily Beast
At first, the initial suspicions raised by a Swiss journalist only produced a pro-Wilkomirski backlash among literati, but, even in that pre-social media moment, the questions only multiplied. Wilkomirski’s story grew more terrible with each telling: when asked why he didn’t have a camp tattoo, for example, he responded that he didn’t have one because he had been subjected to horrific Nazi medical experiments.
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june 2015 by jomc
The Gay Conman and his Married Lover|MurderMap - London Homicide Reported Direct from The Old Bailey
Gareth, a 30 year-old father-of-three, had married his childhood sweetheart Eirlys in 2006 and outwardly appeared to have the perfect family life.

In private he sought fulfilment looking for partners on gay websites. One such man, Glenn Rycroft, lavished him with gifts, dinners and weekends away and invited him to move in to his luxury four-bedroom house in Chester.

Together they set up a new travel agency business based in Manchester Business Park after Rycroft promised it would make their fortune.
september 2014 by jomc
The real Talented Mr Ripley: Conman jailed for life after bludgeoning gay lover to death | Mail Online
Former British Airways steward Glenn Rycroft, 33, searched websites for killing methods before battering Gareth Mac-Donald to death with a fire extinguisher in a hotel room.

Mr MacDonald, a 30-year-old care worker, had left his wife, who was expecting their third child, and the marital home in North Wales for Rycroft after meeting the compulsive liar through an internet gay chatroom called Fitlads.
september 2014 by jomc
Should the U.S. Follow South Korea's Education System? - WSJ
Found among old papers, discarded.
Excerpt from forthcoming book, "The Smartest Kids in the World - and How They Got That Way."
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