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Strange Horizons - Remaking the Difference: A Discussion about Indian Speculative Fiction By Prayaag Akbar, By Tashan Mehta, By Gautam Bhatia
Gautam Bhatia: Five years ago, Strange Horizons ran a discussion about Indian speculative fiction with writers and editors, hosted by Anil Menon (Part I and Part II), called "Splitting the Difference." They talked about problems of nomenclature (what is Indian SF), theme (what is, and what should, Indian SF be about), and authorship (which writers—past and present—make up the field). You are all writers and editors, living and working in India and writing in English, who have emerged after that conversation—at the risk of sounding dramatic, the next generation. Salik, you have founded an SF magazine called Mithila Review, now in its ninth issue, that is run out of India; Prayaag and Tashan, you’ve written novels published in India, set in India, and dealing with distinctive Indian themes (caste and colonialism, among others). So I want to begin by asking this: in the conversation five years ago, we can see a lot of attention being devoted to problems of nomenclature and definition, and an uneasiness with the very term “Indian SF.” Do you feel that we’ve come some distance in the last five years, and that we seem to have, now, the beginnings of a community—however loose and incipient—that we can roughly label “Indian SF writing, in English”? And if so, how would you understand this community?
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february 2019 by jdmartinsen
Met up with and supporter John F. who was visiting from San Francisco…
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january 2019 by DocDre
Knights of the Round Table Anime
Conclusion: modern depctions of the Knights of the Round Table aren’t anime enough.
anime  arthur  roundtable  knights  fantasy  worldbuilding  writing  humor 
november 2018 by spaceninja
Transcript of book discussion.
Louzhong  roundtable  novel  fiction  zh  Douban  transcript 
august 2018 by jdmartinsen
So so excited for my discussion at 9 AM Sunday morning! Hey, , ,…
Tolkien  fandom  roundtable  LOTR  Silmarillion  from twitter
july 2018 by amyfortuna
Kotlin Coroutines — Handling concurrency like a pro (Retrofit2 + Coroutines)
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
kotlin  coroutines  roundtable 
may 2018 by jaran
Download Sally Field Looking Fabulous At 66 Via THR’s Actress Roundtable | Tom &amp… HD | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Sally Field looking fabulous at 66 via THR’s Actress Roundtable | Tom &… Sally Field looking fabulous at 66 via THR’s Actress Roundtable | Tom & Lorenzo Sally Field looking fabulous at 66 via THR’s Actress Roundtable | Tom &…
IFTTT  WordPress  Actrees  Actress  amp  download  Fabulous  field  hd  roundtable  sally  THR8217s  Tom 
september 2017 by wotek

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