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OK Check-In — The Imagine Nation Collective
Imagine Nation Collective and it's affiliates use the "OK Check-In" System. The system is a tool allowing players to communicate with each other out of character about their well-being without pausing the flow of play around them. The basics of the concept can be found below. via Pocket
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yesterday by ChristopherA
Ride out Climate Change in This $5.5 Million Self-Sustaining Yacht
The yacht has a rainwater-harvesting system, a 2,300-square-foot roof covered in solar panels, and would be as “stable as a home on land” if pummeled with Category 4 winds.
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2 days ago by josephaleo
SECTOR - 034
Atemporal musings about rules and ideas on Cyberpunk 2020
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2 days ago by fozbaca

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