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Comp/Con - LancerRPG Companion App
Mecha TTRPG support app
Character & Mech creation
Active Play Mode
Encounter Toolkit
RPGs  ttrpg  vue  Webtool  Games  Lancer  Mecha 
4 days ago by CrystalDave
GMing for Theme and MotifG
​by Alexi Sargeant The most crucial GM skill is listening. Roleplaying games, by and large, are an art form where the creators of each piece and the primary audience are the same. You and your...
RPGs  GMing 
5 days ago by alandesmet
Coins and Scrolls: OSR: GLOG-based Homebrew v.2: Many Rats on Sticks Edition
I've finally finished updated the original Rat on a Stick GLOG hack. Feedback and notes from playtesting was incorporated. Notable changes...
d&d  design  fantasy  ideas  osr  rpgs  tabletop 
5 days ago by thestarsarehigh

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