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Stealth - Build amazing chatbots with tools you know and love.
Stealth is an open source Ruby framework for conversational voice and text chatbots.

ruby  framework  chat  bot  messaging 
1 hour ago by junya
Minuteman - Fast analytics using Redis
Minuteman provides fast analytics using Redis as a backend. Uses bitwise operations to provide complex data analysis and reporting.
ruby  redis  rails  analytics 
1 hour ago by junya
overview – Trend - Anomaly Detection and Forecasting API
Trend is a free anomaly detection and forecasting API. Get started quickly with state-of-the-art algorithms. No need to set up your own infrastructure.
api  security  ruby 
7 hours ago by junya
dry-rb - Home
dry-rb helps you write clear, flexible, and more maintainable Ruby code. Each dry-rb gem fulfils a common task, and together they make a powerful platform for any kind of Ruby application.
12 hours ago by scottymac
Ruby Object Mapper is an open-source persistence and mapping toolkit for Ruby built for speed and simplicity.
12 hours ago by scottymac
RT : My team at are hiring a backend developer proficient in and . We write code to make the…
Ruby  Rails  from twitter
15 hours ago by Xylakant

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