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How a 4-Hour Battle Between Russian Mercenaries and U.S. Commandos Unfolded in Syria - The New York Times
But in recent weeks, according to United States military officials, they have jammed the communications of smaller American drones and gunships such as the type used in the attack.
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3 hours ago by yorksranter
Russia to create orbital Internet satellite cluster by 2025 - TASS: Science & Space, May 2018
"Russian Space Systems Company (part of the State Space Corporation Roscosmos) plans to implement a project to create a global satellite communications network, which will require 288 satellites operating in the 870 km orbit by 2025"

"We plan [to embrace] 10,000 mobile transport objects, 10,000 outlets of collective access to the Internet, 10 million personal communication subscribers and provide for about a billion transactions a day via secure channels"
Russia  Tass  satellite  constellations  Communications 
16 hours ago by pierredv
VPN Sales Soar After Russia Bans Telegram App, Media Reports
Telegram users in Russia looking to get around the government's ban on the app have caused a spike in the use of circumvention tools like VPNs - an increase of "up to 1,000 percent," The Moscow Times reports:

"The sales of online privacy tools in Russia have skyrocketed by up to 1,000 percent amid state efforts to ban the Telegram messaging application in the country...'We’re seeing an increased interest from Russian business since Telegram began to be blocked,' the Kommersant business daily quoted TorGuard CEO Benjamin Van Pelt as saying Monday. TorGuard, a provider of virtual privacy networks (VPN) that allow users to bypass filters, saw 1,000 percent more Russian subscribers since April, Van Pelt was cited as saying...CyberGhost and Golden Frog VyprVPN registered a 380 percent and 190 percent increase in new accounts each, Kommersant reported...Meanwhile, Roskomnadzor said it has banned 80 VPNs for being 'specially created' to help users evade the Telegram ban, Kommersant reported. Under new regulations, VPNs and proxy services can be banned in Russia for not registering with Roskomnadzor in what critics say is a clampdown on internet freedom."

Meanwhile, Russia's Internet commissioner is asking the Attorney General's Office to look at the "legality and validity" of the Telegram ban, Meduza reports.
otf  russia  telegram  vpn 
20 hours ago by dmcdev
What Did Russian Trolls Want During the 2016 Election? A Closer Look at the Internet Research Agency’s Active Measures
My team’s research further reveals that these cultural posts never promoted a unified ideology that the IRA hoped Americans would adopt. Instead, Russian trolls produced content that embraced a wide range of political thought, often in direct opposition to one another. (See the examples below). The goal of such posts, of course, is to divide Americans and keep them in a constant state of outrage
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yesterday by yorksranter

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