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Cross-compiling Complex Rust Programs for OpenWrt Targets
We made Rust our language of choice for Althea because we wanted to have our cake and eat it to. The ability to use a rich ecosystem of existing libraries, have strong guarantees on safety, and small…
rust  router 
4 hours ago by ianweatherhogg
Announcing a new project: configure
Hi :) I’ve been working on a project called configure, which is intended to create a uniform way to load configuration variables from the environment of the program. Specifically, the goal is to create something that libraries can rely on to allow applications to delegate decisions about how configuration is loaded to applications, without those applications having to write a lot of bespoke configuration management glue.
Storing configuration in the environment “The 12 Factor App” ha...
23 hours ago by the-kenny
What Are Tokio and Async IO All About? - In Pursuit of Laziness
Tokio’s essentially a nice wrapper around mio that uses futures. Tokio has a core event loop, and you feed it closures that return futures. What it will do is run all the closures you feed it, use mio to efficiently figure out which futures are ready to make a step3, and make progress on them (by calling poll()).
kb_cpu  rust 
yesterday by rootis0

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