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One close shave too many: Why flying on Indian airlines is becoming dangerous
At least five mid-air collisions were averted in the last year, four of them involving IndiGo aircraft.Other airlines, including SpiceJet and Vistara, have also been involved in similar incidents where two planes came too close to each other.Experts, though, say the rate of such events — a near-miss, called air proximity, in aviation jargon — is much higher than what is being reported, or disclosed.“There is at least one such event happening every day on Indian skies. But these are not reported,“It’s a collective failure of regulator DGCA, Airports Authority of India (which manages the Air Traffic Control centres) and the airlines,”In others words, the dangerous turn of events is the outcome of tired pilots, insufficient infrastructure and lax regulation.“According to rules, pilots can’t fly for more than eight hours. But in India, some of them do duty for up to 12 hours, last year’s incident involving Vistara and Air India flights shows the importance of a composed and alert controller. And the danger, when the controller isn't on top of his game.Fortunately, the Air India pilot followed standard operating procedure and a tragedy was averted.While AAI de-rostered the radar controller at the ATC centre, the two Vistara pilots were grounded.
aviation  accidents  safety 
yesterday by thomas.kochi
ESRA | Deliverables & publications
ESRA (E-SURVEY OF ROAD USERS’ ATTITUDES) is a joint international initiative of 26 research centres and road safety institutes; the project has surveyed road users in 38 countries on 5 continents. The purpose of this network is to collect comparable data on the opinions, attitudes, and behaviour of road users concerning road safety and mobility, and to provide scientific evidence for policy making at the national and international levels. Vias institute initiated the project, and the first edition of the ESRA survey was launched in 2015. The institute continues to coordinate this fast-evolving endeavour, and the next edition will be in 2018.
traffic  safety  data  research  statistics  psychology  survey 
yesterday by lena
Four Reasons Lab Coats Are Essential
There are many industries where a lab coat may be the solution needed for proper uniforms.
lab  coat  safety  work  uniform 
2 days ago by Adventure_Web
Little Nomad
Baby play mat that looks like a rug
purchasing  baby  safety 
2 days ago by wavis
6 Products That Still Contain Asbestos
tTlc and vermiculite are often naturally aside asbestos. Avoid.
safety  chemicals  asbestos  powder  lawsuits  danger 
3 days ago by smack416
Engineering a Safer World | Lobsters
"For anyone unfamiliar, Nancy Leveson did a lot of pioneering work in bringing the kind of thinking in fields like aerospace to software safety. She pushes analyzing requirements and proposed solutions along human, technical, and environmental lines. She and her collaborators also did safety analysis on major projects like an air traffic control system.

Prior book was Safeware. Sample chapters from it here. Glad this one is open access. :)"
book  free  lobsters  discussion  safety  computerscience 
3 days ago by mechazoidal
GQ Electronics geiger counter software
Software for Linux and Windows to collect, analyze, map, and simulate geiger counter data for certain models of GQ radiation meters.
radiation  safety  monitoring  software  survival 
4 days ago by chrismyth

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