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Physical access (or "evil maid") attacks are some of the most insidious threats faced by those of us who travel with our Macs.
Do Not Disturb (DND) is a free, open-source utility that aims to detect and alert you of such attacks!
compatibility: OS X 10.12+
current version: 1.1.0 (change log)
zip's sha-1: 20a1666810e8f29a93238a56d21d80e131615a38
source code: Do Not Disturb
security  apps  macbook  privacy  safety  ios  utilities  free 
11 hours ago by rgl7194
macOS App Can Detect Evil Maid Attacks
Former NSA hacker and current macOS security expert Patrick Wardle has released this week an app named Do Not Disturb that can be used to detect "evil maid" attacks —a term used to describe unknown persons that leverage physical access to hack and steal data from a device.
Version 1.0.0 of the app, which Wardle is releasing through his website, was built explicitly for laptops and works by detecting "lid open" events.
According to Wardle, when Do Not Disturb detects a lid open event, it can take a series of actions, such as displaying a local alert in the hopes of scaring off the intruder; sending an alert to a remote Apple device (iPhone or iPad); logging the attacker's actions (creation of new processes, USB insertions, etc.), or running custom scripts that could wipe the device, disable the USB interfaces, or automatically re-lock the device every few seconds.
The custom scripts are not included with Do Not Disturb, and the user will need to provide or write them himself.
security  apps  macbook  privacy  safety  ios  utilities  free 
11 hours ago by rgl7194
Ford Co-Pilot360™: Most Advanced Suite of Standard Driver-Assist Technologies Includes Automatic Emergency Braking | Ford Media Center
Ford Co-Pilot360 to roll out in key global markets starting this fall to help customers drive more safely and confidently amid rising congestion and distractions; automatic emergency braking to be standard on new passenger cars, SUVs and trucks up to F-150 in North America going forward
ford  fordc  technology  safety 
15 hours ago by automotive
Hot Tub Safety for Families
While a hot tub is an excellent addition to any home for families to reconnect and enjoy time together, those with young children must take extra precautions to keep their kids safe.
hot-tub  children  safety 
yesterday by Adventure_Web
How the Airline Industry Defines a Near Miss - The Atlantic
Safety experts have known the value of near-miss tracking and root-cause analysis in preventing tragedy since at least 1931, when engineer Herbert William Heinrich theorized in Industrial Accident Prevention: A Scientific Approach that there were 300 near-misses for every 29 accidents and every one serious accident or fatality. In Heinrich’s model, the near-miss incidents are the bottom of a pyramid, the accidents are the next level up, and the fatal accidents are at the top.
accident  transportation  safety  near_miss  prediction 
4 days ago by berendes
4 Ways Uniforms Have a Positive Influence in the Workplace
Uniforms can serve a variety of purposes, from health and safety reasons to industry standards, there are plenty of reasons why your company might choose to use uniforms.
work  uniforms  workplace  safety  employee 
5 days ago by Adventure_Web

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