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Hoe snelheid deels de onveiligste trajecten veroorzaakt | Verkeer in Beeld
De CROSS-methode combineert de ongevallenscore van een bepaald traject in een matrix met de verklarende variabele(n) van dat traject (zoals de snelheidsscore of de weginrichtingsscore). De verklarende variabele staat op de x-as en de ongevallenscore op de y-as. Er zijn zodoende 4 mogelijke uitkomsten: rood, oranje, geel of groen:

Rood: hoge ongevallenscore én hoge verklarende score.
Oranje: hoge ongevallenscore en lage verklarende score.
Geel: lage ongevallenscore en hoge verklarende score.
Groen: lage ongevallenscore en lage verklarende score.
traffic  safety  statistics  nl 
4 hours ago by lena
Tech'splaining: What is Forward Collision Warning, and How Does It Work? - Ride by Kelley Blue Book
Not all forward collision-warning systems work the same way. If the system is paired with automatic emergency braking, the technology will slow or stop the vehicle prior to impact if the driver takes no action. If the system is not paired with automatic emergency braking, it will only warn the driver, who then must take action.
technology  safety 
18 hours ago by automotive
AI Algorithms Need FDA-Style Drug Trials | WIRED
To protect the cognitive autonomy of individuals and the political health of society at large, we need to make the function and application of algorithms transparent.
algorithms  artificialintelligence  ethics  safety  Wired  2019 
yesterday by inspiral
Hospital checklists are meant to save lives — so why do they often fail? : Nature News & Comment
An easy method that promised to cut complications in surgery may not be so simple after all.
change  safety  checklist  checklists 
yesterday by alexmel
Expired Butter? Not Necessarily. Here's How Long Food Lasts | Taste of Home
“Skeptical about an expiration date? Not sure if expired butter is actually, well, expired? We’ve broken down how long most common refrigerated foods can last.”
food  dates  safety  foodsafety  2019  canonical 
2 days ago by handcoding
Audi e-tron crossover first EV to receive IIHS' highest safety rating
Tesla offers Model 3 for testing for first time, should be completed in a month [-
5 days ago by hrmhrm

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