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How to make your more "human" and less like Talk?

Use the voice of the customer and natur…
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5 days ago by jhill5
Three Sales Mistakes Software Engineers Make
Sales Mistake #1 - Building Before you Start Selling
The biggest mistake I see developers make is assuming that they are building something that people both want and will pay a meaningful amount of money for. Many engineering teams spend a great deal of time and money building products that people either don’t actually want, or want but aren’t willing to pay enough money for, such that the company building the product can establish a feasible business model. Both of these issues can be resolved simply by talking to potential customers before the product is ever built and asking strategic questions, a step which many developers fail to take.

Ironically, the amount of work required to talk to potential customers and prove demand for a potential product is almost exactly the same as the amount of work required to sell an existing product. So, the sales work we’re talking about here has to be done at some point, regardless. One benefit of doing this sales work in advance of building the product is that if you’re right about the extent to which people want what you’re building, you’ll be lining up customers for sales as soon as the product is ready and learning more about what features people need and will pay for in the process. If you’re wrong, you’ll save
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6 days ago by sstrobel

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