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transferring data to new phone - Page 2 - Android Forums at
You can also select what you want restored and also deselect certain apps you don't want restored. It's not all or nothing.
SmartSwitch  Backup  Samsung 
4 days ago by Bookman
Samsung used my DSLR photo to fake their phone’s “portrait mode” - DIY Photography
Dunja Djudjic, writing at DIY Photography:

Earlier this year, Samsung was busted for using stock photos to show off capabilities of Galaxy A8’s camera. And now they did it again – they used a stock image taken with a DSLR to fake the camera’s portrait mode. How do I know this, you may wonder? Well, it’s because Samsung used MY photo to do it.

Not only this is outright fraud, they did a terrible job in Photoshop doctoring the image.


Sadly, it’s nothing new that smartphone companies use DSLR photos to fake phone camera’s capabilities. Samsung did it before, so did Huawei. And I believe many more brands do it, we just haven’t found out about it yet. I’m pretty sure that Samsung at least bought my photo legally, even though I haven’t received the confirmation of it. But regardless, this is false advertising.

It’s undeniable that smartphone cameras are getting better (and there are more and more lenses with every new phone). But, we definitely shouldn’t trust the ads showing off their capabilities, or at least take them with a grain of salt.

I know one brand that does not do this.

lie  fail  samsung 
4 days ago by some_hren
SSD opslag kopen? -
Een SSD drive koop je bij MyCom, de vriendelijke computer specialist. Altijd snel gratis bezorgd óf af te halen in één van onze fysieke winkels. |
samsung  sm961  pm961  oem  ssd  p50  hard  drive  disk  laptop  lenovo  redhat  nvm 
5 days ago by gerjantd
Wicked-Fast Samsung SM961 And PM961 NVMe SSDs Utilize Next Gen Polaris Controller | HotHardware
There’s no question that Samsung knows a thing or two about SSDs. Over the past few months, we’ve seen the South Korean company launch the world’s largest SSD (the 15.3TB PM1633a) and its blazing fast PM1725 which delivers sequential reads of 5,500MB/s and sequential writes of 1,800MB/s.

samsung  sm961  pm961  oem  ssd  p50  hard  drive  disk  laptop  lenovo  redhat  nvm 
5 days ago by gerjantd

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