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(1) What is the literal translation of the Sanskrit word for war? - Quora
Sapir–Whorf hypothesis… that we think the way we do because of our language.
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6 days ago by gdw
The Notion of "Trolling" in Ancient Sanskrit
"its objective is not to win by proving one’s own idea correct, but to make the other person lose by opposing every argument of the opponent no matter what. Vitaṇḍa is considered a destructive style of argumentation."
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13 days ago by mikelynch
Transliteral english hindi and Sanskrit interlinear Upanishas
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20 days ago by jak3
RT : Reminds me of how Old had a word for snow (hima in ) although snow does not feature in the live…
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february 2019 by jace

अनृण/anṛṇa = ऋणमुक्त/debt-free

कृषकाननृणान् कृत्वा त्वमस्माननृणान् कुरु
(कृषकान् अनृणान् कृत्वा त्…
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december 2018 by vamsi
Today’s word: नाम्ना/nāmnā

नाम से (अव्यय), by name (indeclinable)

नाम्ना रामचन्द्रः कर्मणा…
Sanskrit  from twitter_favs
december 2018 by vamsi

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