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Satellite Internet startup Astranis raises Series B funding | Fortune
Astranis, which is building cheap satellites to bring Internet service to less developed regions, raised $90 million.
satellite  Astranis  2020  startup  geostationary  geosyncrhonous 
6 days ago by stevesong
See A Satellite Tonight
Satellites are visible in the night sky, like moving stars. See exactly when and where to look for them.
satellite  starlink  tracker  cool 
7 days ago by alexpbrown
Russian Spacecraft Tailing U.S. Spy Satellite, General Says | Time
there are a hell of a lot of circumstances that make it look like a known Russian inspection satellite is currently inspecting a known US spy satellite.”
space  satellite  killersat 
9 days ago by yorksranter
Opinion: Satellites and space debris are polluting our orbit. More than the stars are at stake - The Globe and Mail
Humanity has spent 60 years sending more and more advanced satellites into orbit and not bothering to clean up the junk. Now, private ventures threaten to make it worse – and unless we act, exploring and even seeing outer space will get much harder
satellite  LEO  constellation  space  debris  2020  commons 
11 days ago by stevesong
OneWeb launches 34 internet satellites into orbit to boost broadband megaconstellation | Space
A Soyuz rocket carrying 34 of OneWeb's broadband satellites lifted off today (Feb. 6) from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, rising off the pad at 4:42 p.m. EST (2142 GMT).
OneWeb  launch  satellite  LEO  constellation  2020 
13 days ago by stevesong
Maritime in North America | SES
Until very recently, technical obstacles made constant connectivity on cruises extremely difficult. Even when cruise ships had offered connectivity, the connection was often slow and inconsistent. Luckily for cruise guests and crews, improved satellite technology allows cruise lines to now offer a vastly improved internet experience.
networking  cruise  international  satellite 
16 days ago by mclinn

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