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Michael Palin - One of the longest television pieces I've... | Facebook
"One of the longest television pieces I've ever had to deliver (apart from GBH) was a monologue as a policeman for The Innes Book Of Records. It was filmed on a cold day in a bleak part of Bristol called Lawrence Hill. It went on so long that the cameraman kept thinking I'd finished. How did I do it in one take? My diary for March 2nd 1981 gives the secret away. "Feel especially pleased that I managed to do my three to four minute monologue without a fluff, after two pints of Wadsworth's 6X at lunchtime.""
satire  comedy  TV  1981  2015 
23 hours ago by Preoccupations
As a female sex worker, I'd like to propose my own Google-style gender equality manifesto | The Independent
Like it or not, we have to be willing to accept, or at least discuss, the possibility that the underrepresentation of male sex workers in the sex industry isn’t due to complex sociological, historical and biological reasons. It’s not because men may have greater desire for the kind of experience that sex workers offer, and certainly do possess far more of the world’s wealth to spend on that experience. It’s not about the lack of equal opportunities for women in other sectors, or about the right of women to sell their bodies if they choose. No, it’s simply because men are bad at sex.
satire  sexworkers  sexism  WageGap  workersrights 
yesterday by campylobacter
Soundtracks, Satire And A Sense Of Place: A Conversation With Randy Newman : NPR
For the last few decades, Randy Newman has perhaps been best known for composing beloved children's film scores. He even won an Oscar for Toy Story 3. But his solo albums are unmistakable; take, for example, his 1977 hit "Short People," a biting satire about prejudice. His latest album, Dark Matter, is a return to acerbic, venomous form.
music  npr  audio  interview  satire 
3 days ago by Weaverbird
I’m a Google Manufacturing Robot and I Believe Humans Are Biologically Unfit to Have Jobs in Tech - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency
If you still think humanity is so valuable, check out that memo from the software engineer on Floor 8. Even we machines literally could not.
google  robots  satire 
4 days ago by micktwomey

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