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The Serena cartoon debate: calling out racism is not ‘censorship’ | Gary Younge | Opinion | The Guardian
We have now reached a peculiar juncture where accusations of racism make some people more upset than racism itself. Having dismissed as political correctness arguments that place Knight’s picture firmly within the history of racist and sexist cartoons – that catch-all cop-out when all other justifications for offensiveness have been exhausted – they then don the camouflage of satire.
Murdoch  newspapers  Australia  WilliamsSerena  cartoon  racism  Melbourne  HeraldSun  satire  dctagged  dc:creator=YoungeGary 
5 days ago by petej
I Am Part of the Resistance Inside Nyarlathotep’s Death Cult - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency
The root of this problem, we believe, is in Nyarlathotep’s very essence. It is a being incapable of viewing Its servants as anything other than playground toys or troublesome fleas. Many may argue that we should have known this to be the case for the Stalker Among the Stars. And that might well prove true, to a point. We summoned the God of a Thousand Forms assuming the weight of responsibility would rein It in slightly, remind It to adhere to the Necronomicon’s nightmare prophesies first and foremost. If it was foolish to assume the Outer God would care so little about this dimension that it wouldn’t even acknowledge the Tome’s existence, well, call us fools. We still believe utter ruin can be brought to the land through the proper rituals and unhallowed traditions, not by this fly-by-the-seat-of-your-tentacles kind of governing.
2018-09  satire 
7 days ago by Weaverbird
The Onion -- ‘Rock The Caliphate’ Charity Concert Features U2, Ed Sheeran, Dua Lipa Coming Together To Raise Money For Struggling Islamic State
'“We can no longer turn a blind eye toward the devastation faced by this group of radical Islamists,” said Bono, U2 frontman and one of the concert’s organizers, who appeared on stage in his trademark wraparound shades and with an ISIS flag draped over his shoulders. “In the past few years, nearly all the land of their great country has been stripped away from them, and they have seen tens of thousands of their brethren killed by bombs. They have been left with almost nothing. Tonight, we come together to say, ‘No more!’ Tonight, we come to offer help.”'
TheOnion  conquest  "humanitarianism"  usefulidiot  satire 
8 days ago by adamcrowe
The Onion -- Disillusioned Woman Now Wondering If Any Of Her Magical Vagina Stones Have Healing Powers
'TEMPE, AZ—Upon learning lifestyle company Goop had settled a lawsuit over false claims it made about the health benefits of its jade egg product, disillusioned local woman Melissa Salani reportedly began to question Wednesday whether any of her magical vagina stones actually possessed healing powers. “If my jade egg doesn’t really increase orgasms or regulate my hormones, how can I be sure all the other crystals and minerals I’ve been putting up there work?” said the visibly crestfallen Salani, shaking her head as she examined the $66 stone egg that she charges under the power of a full moon and, when it is not inserted into her vaginal canal, keeps wrapped in silk upon an altar. “I’m truly at a loss, because I felt so warm and energized when I had that rose quartz yoni egg inside me, just like the guru from the Goop website said I would, but now I can’t help but wonder if it wasn’t just a placebo. I’ve spent thousands on vaginal rejuvenation devices, and now I can’t even be certain they imbue me with vibrating energies while aligning my chakras and connecting me to ancestral spirits.” At press time, sources confirmed Salani was jamming handfuls of colorful stones up her vagina to counteract the feelings of negativity and self-doubt that were clouding her judgment.'
TheOnion  women  vanity  irrationality  satire 
12 days ago by adamcrowe
The Onion -- Literary Theorists Admit They Still Have No Idea What Animal Farm About
'CHICAGO—Speculating that the novella must be relying on “symbolism or something,” the nation’s preeminent literary theorists admitted Tuesday that they still have no clue what George Orwell’s 1945 work Animal Farm is about. “The encroaching influence of technology? Industrialized farming? The unpredictable effects of climate change? Windmills are definitely important, appearing several times in he text, but by and large, my colleagues and I are just grasping at straws,” said University of Chicago professor of English language and literature Donald O’Hare, adding that everyone in his field of study is “utterly baffled” by the book’s oft-quoted line, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” “It’s frustrating, to be certain, as I’ve spent entire semesters teaching it, but I’ve never settled to my own satisfaction whether it’s truly about nature, or animals, or what have you. To be perfectly honest, we all thought it was a nice little barnyard story about getting along in the vein of, like, Charlotte’s Web, but eventually the dark tone and some of the pigs’ complex relationships brought us to realize that something more is probably going on here. But despite hundreds of close analyses and thousands of published papers, we’re not even close to figuring out, say, why the animals stand up at the end.” O’Hare added that the novel, for all its mysterious allure, still doesn’t hold a candle to Orwell’s novel 1984, which he is fairly certain is about pop culture.'
TheOnion  illiberalism  socialism  communism  postmodernism  intellectualism  satire 
13 days ago by adamcrowe

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