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Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division - dihydrogen monoxide info
Dihydrogen Monoxide
resources, information, research and more. Dihydrogen
Monoxide is a dangerous chemical. Buy a Ban Dihydrogen
Monoxide T-shirt.
chemical  chemistry  humor  hoax  dhmo  satire 
6 days ago by dizzzz
BBC Radio 4 - Mark Steel's in Town
Comedian Mark Steel visits towns across the UK and creates a show for a local audience | Mark Steel is a stand-up comedian, radio presenter and Independent columnist. He enjoys writing his column because no one ever takes it literally.
bbc  radio  travel  guide  regions  politics  society  satire  humour  social  comments 
6 days ago by asaltydog
Pedestrian Crossing Street Makes Sure To Look At Approaching Car So Driver Will Feel More Guilty If They Run Him Over
CHICAGO—Stepping off the curb and into the crosswalk, local man Adam Hartsell reportedly made sure to look up at the driver of an approaching vehicle Thursday to ensure they would feel extra guilty in the event they failed to stop and ran him over. “The goal of this split-second eye contact is to impress my image upon their mind, so that if they do hit me, they will be forced to spend the rest of their days picturing the terrified face of the person they ran over in his last moments ...
satire  truth  via:numtots  humor  pedestrians  cars 
13 days ago by npdoty
How an army of farcical fakes ruined Turning Point UK's big day
The result was a surreal farrago of misunderstanding and noise. Fake accounts would call out Turning Point’s genuine handle as a fake set up by antifa extremists, and sometimes would even go as far as exposing other fellow fakes as fakes. It was fakes calling out convincing-looking fakes as fakes in order to reroute Twitter’s attention to other fakes.
twitter  satire  politics  usa 
14 days ago by terry
Four men with a ladder: the billboard campaigners battling Brexit
It all began, as most good ideas do, in the pub. They were talking about the infamous David Cameron tweet – “Britain faces a simple and inescapable choice – stability and strong government with me or chaos with Ed Miliband” – which was doing the rounds again after Theresa May cancelled the vote on her deal in December. And someone said: why don’t they slap it on a billboard, make it the tweet you can’t delete?
twitter  satire  humour  politics  brexit 
14 days ago by terry
“One small step for people, one giant leap for peoplekind” | The Wedge
peoplegement for a job application
streets covered in peopleholes
windows that display peoplennequins
Chinese who speak Peopledarin
military who perform peopleoeuvers
a periodic table featuring peopleganese
NYC’s island now Peoplehattan
first responders now pursue peopleiacs
we schedule peopleicures
objects are now peopleufactured
and control freaks are peoplenipulative
satire  against  feminism  Canada  politically-correct 
14 days ago by dandv
The Onion headlines could teach AI what makes satire funny • Science News
<p>The researchers compiled a dataset of satirical and serious headlines using the online game, where players edit humorous headlines from the satirical publication The Onion as little as possible to make them serious. These tweaks “put a finger onto the exact switch that induces the humor,” says Robert West, a computer scientist École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland. He and coauthor Eric Horvitz, director of Microsoft Research in Redmond, Wash., amassed about 2,800 serious versions of nearly 1,200 headlines.

Most of the joke headlines followed a common logical structure, which West and Horvitz call “false analogy.” Words switched between spoof and serious headlines share a crucial similarity, as well as a fundamental difference.

Consider the humorless headline “BP ready to resume oil drilling” and its comedic counterpart “BP ready to resume oil spilling.” Subbing spilling for drilling works because both share the critical commonality of being activities famously associated with BP, but with one being intended and the other accidental. West and Horvitz identified several types of oppositions between words in serious and satirical headlines, such as modern versus outdated, human versus animal and obscene versus not.

These findings could help programmers create AI systems that better understand and have more natural interactions with humans, says Dan Goldwasser, an AI and natural language processing researcher at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind., not involved in the analysis. </p>

The Onion team works by making up headlines, and then writing the stories for it. They also keep a list of headlines that don't quite make the cut. My favourite of those is "Man knifed with spork".
onion  machinelearning  satire 
15 days ago by charlesarthur
Tech Jargon Translations
'We’re revolutionizing communication.'
We’re putting cameras and microphones in your home.
'Helping people forge connections.'
This app alienates you from people you thought were your friends.
'Helping people forge new connections.'
A fuck app.
'A new way to invest.'
An S&P 500 fund.
'Decentralized currency.'
Money you can use to buy drugs."
a:Dave-Anderson  p:McSweeney's★★★  d:2019.01.31  w:500  list  satire  startups  apps  from twitter
15 days ago by bankbryan

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