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CHDK Camera Firmware - ELPH180
The Powershot ELPH 180 (IXUS 175 in Europe) was released in January 2016 The use of ver.req or vers.req to determine your firmware version does not appear to work. It is recommended you use the ACID utility to determine your firmware version. Diskboot encoding 16 FI2 encoding d4i 0xc022d1fc...
camera  scanning 
4 days ago by barbarian_geek
mhassell/gqrx_scan: a scanner for gqrx!
A scanner to interface with GQRX, based on the remote control tool

Simply loops over a list of frequencies in a csv and listens for activity.
radio  sdr  scanning 
27 days ago by rwhe
Marzona/rig-remote: remote control a rig through rigctl protocol
Rig-Remote is a tool that tries to provide some additional features to existing SDR software or rigs. Rig-Remote relies on the RigCTL protocol over TCP/IP (telnet). Rig-Remote connects to a receiver (SDR or "real" rig with rigctld) using Telnet protocol. It sends RigCTL commands for performing remote control of the receiver. If your rig is able to understand RigCTL commands, then you can control it with Rig-remote.

Some sample feature Rig-remote provides are:

scanning of bookmarks or frequencies
enable/disable recording
enable/disable streaming
keep in sync the frequency of two rigs
...and many more
sdr  radio  gui  scanning 
27 days ago by rwhe
Analyze | Webbkoll -
This tool helps you check what data-protecting measures a site has taken to help you exercise control over your privacy.
web  tools  privacy  security  internet  tracking  scanning  service  test 
4 weeks ago by gil
Czur scanner, scanning with Linux
John Willis showed that although there is not currently a Linux driver for the Czur page scanner you can connect it through USB and use a few commands such as Imagemagick to convert the scans to PDF format. It mentions post processing the images to remove the page curls but doesn't give specifics.
JohnWillis  CZUR  pageScanner  scanner  scanning  Linux  Ubuntu  page 
6 weeks ago by searchmeister
Best scanner app for iPhone and iPad: Scanbot — The Sweet Setup
It’s the 21st century, and yet there’s still so much paper flooding into our lives: receipts, office forms, bills, letters home from our children’s school, and on and on. Owning a dedicated document scanner can help, but it’s not always nearby when we need it. Luckily, ever since the iPhone’s camera gained sufficient resolution to capture crisp text, there have been a number of document scanning apps that have put the possibility of going paperless much more in reach. After testing a number of document scanner apps, our pick for the best scanner app on iPhone is Scanbot.
ios  apps  scanning 
6 weeks ago by andyhuey

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