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People Born Blind Are Mysteriously Protected From Schizophrenia - VICE

As time goes on, larger data sets have emerged: In 2018, a study led by a researcher named Vera Morgan at the University of Western Australia looked at nearly half a million children born between 1980 and 2001 and strengthened this negative association. Pollak, a psychiatrist and researcher at King's College London, remembered checking in the mental health facility where he works after learning about it; he too was unable to find a single patient with congenital blindness who had s...
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12 days ago by alexmel
People Born Blind Are Mysteriously Protected From Schizophrenia - VICE
시각 장애로 태어난 사람은 정신분열증을 겪지 않는다, Vice

선천적으로 앞을 보지 못하는 맹인으로 태어난 사람들 중에는 단 한 명도 정신분열증을 진단받은 사람이 없다고.
이 발견이 놀라운 이유는 시각 장애로 태어나는 요인은 감염이나 뇌 손상, 유전적 요인 등 원인이 다양한 데, 이러한 원인과 상관없이 일관되게 정신분열증을 피해가는 결과로 이어졌기 때문.
더군다나 오히려 선천적 맹인이 아니라 후천적으로 시각을 잃었을 경우 정신 관련한 질환을 경험하기 쉬움.
아마도 시각과 정신 장애 사이에 어떠한 연관성이 있다는 증거일 수 있다고 함
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12 days ago by yun
Efficacy and Safety of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation for Treating Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia: A Randomized Clinical Trial | Psychiatry | JAMA Psychiatry | JAMA Network
> In this randomized clinical trial of 100 patients with schizophrenia with predominant negative symptoms, active tDCS was superior to sham in ameliorating negative symptoms, with superior response rates (20% improvement) for negative symptoms. These effects were sustained at follow-up, and tDCS was not associated with significant adverse effects.
TDCS  schizophrenia 
12 days ago by porejide
Schizophrenia Facts and Statistics
Schizophrenia Facts and Statistics -
21 days ago by pmigdal

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