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De divina proportione — Wikipédia
livre de mathématiques écrit par Luca Pacioli et illustré par Léonard de Vinci
Maths  history  Art  Science  MIDtheory 
5 hours ago by chrstphggnrd
Length of ring and index fingers 'linked to sexuality'
On average, the lesbians, but not the straight twins, had different sized index and ring fingers, typically a male trait, but only on the left hand.
science  sexuality  hands 
6 hours ago by emkay
Dandelion seeds reveal newly discovered form of natural flight: Why the plant is among the best fliers in the natural world
Their study revealed that a ring-shaped air bubble forms as air moves through the bristles, enhancing the drag that slows each seed's descent to the ground.
science  flight  plants 
6 hours ago by emkay
Wind farms and reducing hurricane precipitation
"By the time a hurricane actually makes landfall, these arrays of turbines have been operating for days and days, extracting energy and moisture out of the storm. As a result, the storm will be weaker. Literally."
science  weather 
6 hours ago by emkay
Massive organism is crashing on our watch: First comprehensive assessment of Pando reveals critical threats -- ScienceDaily
"While Pando has likely existed for thousands of years -- we have no method of firmly fixing its age -- it is now collapsing on our watch. One clear lesson emerges here: we cannot independently manage wildlife and forests."
science  trees  wildlife 
6 hours ago by emkay
Intelligent Life Elsewhere? Maybe It’s Hiding - WSJ
effective computation must involve interactions and that the speed of light limits communication. As a result, the most effective—fast, but synchronized—thinking must take place in small spaces.

Consider a computer operating at a speed of 10 gigahertz, which is not far from what you can buy today. In the time between its computational steps, light can travel just over an inch. Accordingly, powerful thinking entities that obey the laws of physics, and which need to exchange up-to-date information, can’t be spaced much farther apart than that. Thinkers at the vanguard of a hyperadvanced technology, striving to be both quick-witted and coherent, would keep that technology small.

Thus, truly advanced, information-based civilizations might choose to expand inward, to achieve speed and integration—not outward, where they’d lose patience waiting for feedback. If that’s the case, then the answer to Fermi’s “Where are they?” is: Out there, but inconspicuous.
science  intelligence 
6 hours ago by ayjay
No sweat required: Hypertension treatment mimics effect of exercise: By targeting the liver, scientists open door to new way of treating high blood pressure -- ScienceDaily
Hypertension researchers at The University of Toledo have shown that by increasing the body's supply of beta hydroxybutyrate, a chemical produced predominantly by the liver, it is possible to regulate high blood pressure without reducing sodium intake or increasing exercise.
medicine  science  hypertension 
8 hours ago by emkay

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