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Senoi, Kilton Stewart and The Mystique of Dreams: Further Thoughts on an Allegory About an Allegory, G. William Domhoff
That dreams only occur in a stage of sleep called REM, that eye movements track dream content, that there is a need to dream—all these claims and more were fully believed and communicated to an eager public by many people, including me, before they were replicated and carefully checked. And all of them have proven to be false. We dream during both non-REM and REM sleep, eye movements do not always follow dream content, and REM deprivation does not have the drastic effects it was first thought to have. Apparently, then (and here is my punch line) it was as difficult for hard-nosed physiologists, physicians, and psychologists working in scientific sleep laboratories to avoid creating myths about dreams as it was for an American adventurer in the jungles of Malaysia. Who are we, who created laboratory myths, to look down our noses at Kilton Stewart?
science  scientific-method  philsci  dreaming  spirituality 
4 hours ago by nccollignon
Ötzi's tools
Remarkable archaeological storytelling based on tools found with a 5300 year old corpse
archaeology  history  Ötzi  science 
4 hours ago by nelson
Easy DNA Editing Will Remake the World. Buckle Up. | WIRED
Using the three-year-old technique, researchers have already reversed mutations that cause blindness, stopped cancer cells from multiplying, and made cells impervious to the virus that causes AIDS. Agronomists have rendered wheat invulnerable to killer fungi like powdery mildew, hinting at engineered staple crops that can feed a population of 9 billion on an ever-warmer planet. Bioengineers have used Crispr to alter the DNA of yeast so that it consumes plant matter and excretes ethanol, promising an end to reliance on petrochemicals. Startups devoted to Crispr have launched. International pharmaceutical and agricultural companies have spun up Crispr R&D. Two of the most powerful universities in the US are engaged in a vicious war over the basic patent. Depending on what kind of person you are, Crispr makes you see a gleaming world of the future, a Nobel medallion, or dollar signs.
biology  genomics  ethics  science 
7 hours ago by sew245
Life after mankind: What animals might look like if humans went extinct -
science  biology  from twitter
11 hours ago by rdr
Poul Anderson's essay "Uncleftish Beholding" ("Atomic Theory"), reprinted from the revised edition appearing in his collection _All One Universe_.
The following item shows what English would look like if it
were purged of its non-Germanic words, and used German-style
compounds instead of borrowings to express new concepts.
This recently appeared in the Conlang mailing list.
english  history  language  science  essays 
11 hours ago by aihre
How Data Science Works - YouTube
The principles of Data Science for Dummies
video  presentation  data  science 
13 hours ago by cito
30 Free Courses: Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Algorithms, AI - Data Science Central
The list below is a small selection from Open Culture. We picked up classes relevant to data scientists, and removed links that no longer work at the time of w…
course  ai  algorithms  neuralnet  data  science  learning  resource  list 
14 hours ago by cito

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