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Contactless steam generation and superheating under one sun illumination | Nature Communications
Okay, it's cheating to say one sun when using a concentrator, but switch from direct contact heat transfer with capillary flow to IR emitter and vapor passthru is interesting
carbon  foam  solar  heat  absorber  IR  thermal  emitter  steam  generator  passive  materials  science  research  technology 
4 hours ago by asteroza
Regular trips out guard against depression in old age: New study finds clear link between cultural engagement and lower risk
Researchers at University College London found a clear link between the frequency of 'cultural engagement' and the chances of someone over 50 developing depression. It is the first such study to show that cultural activities not only help people manage and recover from depression but can actually help to prevent it.
science  depression  culture 
9 hours ago by emkay
NASA’s Voyager 2 Probe Enters Interstellar Space
For the second time in history, a human-made object has reached the space between the stars. NASA’s Voyager 2 probe now has exited the heliosphere – the protective bubble of particles and magnetic fields created by the Sun.
link  bffr  science 
9 hours ago by paulgreer
Vitamin B12 deficiency can be sneaky, harmful
The human body needs vitamin B12 to make red blood cells, nerves, DNA, and carry out other functions. The average adult should get 2.4 micrograms a day. Like most vitamins, B12 can’t be made by the body. Instead, it must be gotten from food or supplements.

Conditions that interfere with food absorption, such celiac or Crohn’s disease, can cause B12 trouble.

The condition is more likely to occur in older people due to the cutback in stomach acid production that often occurs with aging.
science  medicine  celiac  vegetarianism 
10 hours ago by emkay
2018 Women in STEM advent calendar | FindingAda
starting with the first known chemist (Tapputi), a diverse cast of women in STEM
science  history_of_sci  women_in_science 
12 hours ago by MsHsi

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