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Can Scientific Discovery Be Automated? - The Atlantic
The Baconian method is rarely used today. It proved too laborious and extravagantly expensive; its technological applications were unclear. However, at the time the formalization of a scientific method marked a revolutionary advance. Before it, science was metaphysical, accessible only to a few learned men, mostly of noble birth. By rejecting the authority of the ancient Greeks and delineating the steps of discovery, Bacon created a blueprint that would allow anyone, regardless of background, to become a scientist.
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The Philosophy Foundation - The Hypothesis Box - thinking about science
Critical thinking tool: Falsification - this is when someone tries not to prove a theory or hypothesis but to disprove it. For instance, if the hypothesis is ‘all birds fly’ then the best course of action when testing the hypothesis is not to look for examples that confirm that hypothesis but to seek out examples that would disconfirm it. If someone were to look only for examples of birds that fly, thereby confirming the hypothesis, then they would be falling foul of the fallacy of seeking only to confirm, sometimes known as confirmation bias. No amount of examples of birds that fly would truly prove the hypothesis; only one example, however, of a bird that does not fly would utterly refute it. This is known as falsification and is associated with the Austrian-British philosopher Karl Popper (1902-1994).
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The hosts thousands of videos under licenses and provides innovative too…
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Sci-Hub: removing barriers in the way of science
The first pirate website in the world to open mass and public access to tens of millions research papers
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Index Copernicus - Opening Science
The popularisation of science Index Copernicus continuously carries out many activities aimed at popularisation of the science. This is the second step of systemic implementation of scientific achievements for the socioeconomic development. We provide - free of charge - our best databases, support the process of publishing more than 100 scientific journals. We put an effort ensure the distribution of parameterised scientists’ achievements to internationally recognized databases and repositories. We support scientific institutions in fulfilling any reporting-related obligations, including reports to national repositories. The tools we use, such as ICI Publishers Panel, enable the digitization and internationalization of scientific journals, so that they could be more and more effective in the distribution of scientific content and increase the citation indices. We use innovative techniques of scientific marketing in promoting results of research projects, which significantly increase the range of their influence.
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Research Debt
Achieving a research-level understanding of most topics is like climbing a mountain. Aspiring researchers must struggle to understand vast bodies of work that came before them, to learn techniques, and to gain intuition. Upon reaching the top, the new researcher begins doing novel work, throwing new stones onto the top of the mountain and making it a little taller for whoever comes next.
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