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RFC 4838 - Delay Tolerant Networking
" This document describes an architecture for delay-tolerant and
disruption-tolerant networks, and is an evolution of the architecture
originally designed for the Interplanetary Internet, a communication
system envisioned to provide Internet-like services across
interplanetary distances in support of deep space exploration. This
document describes an architecture that addresses a variety of
problems with internetworks having operational and performance
characteristics that make conventional (Internet-like) networking
approaches either unworkable or impractical. We define a message-
oriented overlay that exists above the transport (or other) layers of
the networks it interconnects. The document presents a motivation
for the architecture, an architectural overview, review of state
management required for its operation, and a discussion of
application design issues. "
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CERN wants to build the biggest, baddest particle collider ever | The Verge .. the stuff we dream of
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Advanced Readings in Dungeons & Dragons | Series |
In Advanced Readings in D&D, writers Tim Callahan and Mordicai Knode take a look at Gary Gygax’s favorite authors and reread one per week, in an effort to explore the origins of Dungeons & Dragons and see which of these sometimes-famous, sometimes-obscure authors are worth rereading today.
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