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The Board Game Remix Kit
This is very clever:
New rules for old games! The Board Game Remix Kit is a collection of tips, tweaks, reimaginings and completely new games that you can play with the board and pieces from games you might already own: Monopoly, Cluedo, Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit. 

(via Macker)
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yesterday by jm
dCode - Solvers, Crypto, Maths, Decoders, Online Tools
dCode est le site universel pour décoder des messages, tricher aux jeux de lettres, résoudre énigmes, géocaches et chasses au trésor, etc. Tous les outils de jeux, énigmes, codes, cryptages et dictionnaires sont disponibles sur
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june 2019 by bales
Have saved many a dull topic with these bad boys....
activity sheets for via…
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june 2019 by tolkien
DGT Cube 6-Player Game Timer - Digital Game Technology
"A motion sensor ensures that only the clock facing upwards is running. Simply turn a different side up and the next player's clock will automatically start to run. Place the Cube in its base to pause all clocks and interrupt the game for example when disputing a word in a game of Scrabble."
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may 2019 by kevan
Word generators | The best Word Game Helpers to make words with makes words from Letters with our helpful Word Generators like the Words with Friends Cheat, Scrabble® Helper, or our Word Chums Cheat.
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may 2019 by dicewitch
Evan Berofsky on Scrabble Training Hacks and More |
We met Canadian Evan Berofsky for a quick chat at the MISO 2017 in Malta and talked Scrabble training routines, hacks, and more.
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may 2019 by dicewitch
Hoot - Scrabble and Word Game Study Tool
An update on the progress of development of Hoot, the word game study tool.
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may 2019 by dicewitch
Scrabble Help - Scrabble Word Finder and Scrabble Cheat
Scrabble Help provides a tool for finding words and scores based on your letter tiles. Visit Scrabble Help today.
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may 2019 by dicewitch
Scrabble Help - Techniques for solving anagrams
Use this list of anagram solving techniques to help you be a better Scrabble player
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may 2019 by dicewitch

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