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Minimum Viable Product - 6 Irrtümer
6 gefährliche Irrtümer zum Minimum Viable Product, mit denen sich Gründer selbst sabotieren
yesterday by ahus1
Here is how UX Design Integrates with Agile and Scrum
It’s critical to point out that none of this can happen without a dedicated designer assigned to the scrum team. It’s their presence that ensures the relevant activities are proposed, prioritised and executed. If the design work is outsourced to a designer outside of the team (regardless if that designer is in-house or not) then the team finds itself back in the “Big Design Up Front” style of working also known as waterfall or the “sprint ahead” method — all of which reduce collabora...
agile  design  scrum  process 
7 days ago by seralat
Agile Needs to Be Both Iterative and Incremental
Scrum, like other agile processes, is both iterative and incremental. Neither one is that great alone, but together, they’re fantastic.
digital-transformation  agile  scrum  iteration 
7 days ago by markboulton
, in theory, focuses on a sprint goal. The team is empowered to adjust scope to achieve the goal (vs. finish…
scrum  from twitter_favs
9 days ago by _m_space
20 Product Prioritization Techniques: A Map and Guided Tour
Great list of different prioritization techniques for different purposes or situations.
prioritization  scrum  agile  gamification 
10 days ago by oliverschwarz
“Scrum — Management tells us to use story points” – Serious Scrum – Medium
Many teams work with story points. Often other ways to estimate and plan aren’t even considered because story points are the obvious choice. It’s Scrum after all. Or is it? Hint: the answer is not ‘Yes’…
Archive  agile  scrum 
12 days ago by jasonpackham
Agile Project Kickoff Meetings: How & Why to Conduct Them.
Becoming agile does not mean we need to throw out everything we've learned over the past 100 or so years of doing project management. Some things--project kickoff meetings included--remain valuable.

In this article, let's look at when the agile kickoff meeting happens, who attends, and what's discussed.
agile  management  scrum 
13 days ago by mhick

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