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Maurizio Cattelan at Blenheim Palace: blisteringly good and as subtle as a solid gold toilet
In his new exhibition featuring a praying Hitler and a felled Pope the artist plays to his strengths: spectacle, scale, shock, subversion.
art  sculpture 
19 hours ago by terry
Hitler in Churchill's birthplace more shocking than the golden toilet – Maurizio Cattelan review
The Italian art prankster redecorates Churchill’s birthplace with an 18-carat loo, hideous union jacks and Hitler himself. What a fitting show for a country unravelling into madness.
art  sculpture 
19 hours ago by terry
Busted flush: Man arrested over theft of solid gold toilet in England
Det Insp Jess Milne said: “The piece of art that has been stolen is a high value toilet made out of gold that was on display at the palace. The artwork has not been recovered at this time, but we are conducting a thorough investigation to find it and bring those responsible to justice.” A 66-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the incident.
art  gold  sculpture  crime 
20 hours ago by terry
Start - For Forest
„FOR FOREST – The Unending Attraction of Nature” is a temporary art intervention by Klaus Littmann that will turn the Wörthersee Stadium in Klagenfurt into Austria‘s largest public art installation from 8 September until 27 October 2019.

Using 300 trees, some of which weigh up to six tonnes, landscape architect Enzo Enea will cover the entire playing field with a mixed forest characteristic of Central Europe.

From the grandstands, visitors can admire the spectacle of the trees day and night (from 10am until 10pm). Admission is free. A sight that is as unfamiliar as it is fascinating and bound to stir up a range of emotions and reactions! Depending on the time of day (or night), the trees will constitute a constantly changing landscape that is shaped by the weather as well as the autumnal turning of the leaves. The installation is a clever play on our emotions when faced with what should be a familiar sight, placed in an entirely different context. With this monumental work of art, Littmann challenges our perception of nature and sharpens our awareness of the future relation between nature and humankind.

The project also sees itself as a warning: One day, we might have to admire the remnants of nature in specially assigned spaces, as is already the case with zoo animals.
soccer  stadium  climate  change  apocalypse  visualizing  spectacle  performance  sculpture  art  forest  trees  austria 
4 days ago by warmest.regards
Bamberg Horseman
The Bamberg Horseman (German: Der Bamberger Reiter) is a stone equestrian statue by an anonymous medieval sculptor in the cathedral of Bamberg, Germany.
Sculpture  Germany  Italy  History 
5 days ago by dbourn
Saint George and the Dragon (Notke)
Saint George and the Dragon (Swedish: Sankt Göran och draken) is a late medieval wooden sculpture depicting the legend of Saint George and the Dragon, located in Storkyrkan in Stockholm, Sweden. It is attributed to Bernt Notke and was commissioned by the Swedish regent Sten Sture the Elder. It was inaugurated in 1489. It has been described as an artistic high point in the artistic production of Bernt Notke.
Stockholm  Sweden  Renaissance  Sculpture  Art  St.  George  Dragon 
6 days ago by dbourn
Silver Upper White River
One of a series of similar themed Maya Lin sculptures, castings in silver of river traces
maps  mayalin  rivers  art  sculpture  tootme 
11 days ago by nelson
Leiko Ikemura: Toward New Seas / Kunstmuseum Basel - YouTube
Furore machte die japanisch-schweizerische Künstlerin Leiko Ikemura erstmals in der Schweiz Anfang der 1980er-Jahre mit ihrer ausdrucksstarken und kämpferischen Bildwelt im Umfeld der Neuen Wilden. International berühmt ist sie heute für in Zwischenwelten schwebende Mädchen und kosmische Landschaften mit märchenhaften Mischwesen. In Japan wird sie gefeiert als Künstlerin, die sich gerade durch das konsequente Eintauchen in die westliche Kunst zunehmend ihrer kulturellen Heimat bewusst wurde und zu einer einzigartigen Synthese beider Kulturen gefunden hat. Die Ausstellung Nach neuen Meeren mit Zeichnungen, Gemälden und Skulpturen ist eine konzentrierte Retrospektive, die in Zusammenarbeit mit der Künstlerin und in Kooperation mit dem National Art Center in Tokyo präsentiert wird.
exhibitions  japan  art  switzerland  culture  paintings  sculpture  youtube  video  2019  basel  ikemura  landscapes  interview 
13 days ago by navegador
CutUp – Studio Oefner
Oefner deliberately selected still and video cameras to slice apart. This is an allusion to his earlier photographic work, where the image made with the camera is the “art” and the camera itself is merely a tool. For this series, the tool is transformed into a piece of art. It is at the same time a deconstruction of the technology of image capturing, revealing the beauty underneath the surface of these objects.
art  sculpture  cameras  photography 
16 days ago by terry

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