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#NotOKGoogle search suggestions: 2018 edition • Medium
Jonathan Albright:
<p>I’m at a loss to understand how this could *still* be happening. The quality and reliability of Google’s search suggestions have actually devolved in the past year. It almost reads like these input signals are coming out of Reddit, Twitter and other online and social news forums.

Here's February 20, 2018. Below are some examples of what kids are likely to see when they begin to type in or use Google to look up a controversial topic. Why does this matter? It matters because this is information pollution at the most critical interface: search. Google is the knowledge portal for most of the world.

When toxic information — suggestions like the ones seen below — get in the way of people actively fact checking and truth-seeking, it’s a major problem.

<img src="*RunXLUNW3_lcgzNfLNLywg.png" width="100%" />

<img src="*LovYe2O8mxjUg8onyzQGjw.png" width="100%" />

<img src="*kJK7uohPKhnZcBX4sgnIZw.png" width="100%" />

We’re at a critical juncture in social cohesion & the role of tech in society. The walls have been breached; platforms are now getting vandalized in broad daylight.</p>

Note also that those are searches relating to American topics. But as Carole Cadwalladr has shown at the Guardian (a year ago, and again when Albright showed these) you get just as bad outside the US.
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