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Ninja-Proof Seats | Psychology Today
Feeling distracted at work? Simply changing where you sit can enhance concentration and reduce stress.
psychology  work  seating 
august 2019 by okeefe77
Airlines are finally fixing the middle seat • Fast Company
Mark Wilson:
Designed for commuter flights of only a few hours max, the S1 moves the middle seat a few inches lower than, and back from, the aisle and window seat. It also widens the seat by about three inches. This allows your arms, shoulders, thighs, and elbows to spread just a bit more than they otherwise could, without giving the seat more legroom or reducing a plane’s seating capacity (which translates to profit margins for airlines).

“We have discovered that what looks like a small stagger actually makes a huge difference. The trick is to actually sit in the seat. In fact our main sales tool is to ship seats to airlines so they can sit in them,” says Molon Labe founder Hank Scott. “I have watched this several times—airline executives see the seat, nod their head and then say they get it. Then we ask them to actually sit down, next to a big fella like our head sales guy Thomas [6-foot-6, 250 pounds]. Within a few seconds they [really] get it—they stop being an airline executive and switch into passenger modes.”

<img src=“,c_limit,q_auto:best,f_auto/wp-cms/uploads/2019/07/i-1-90377949-finally-airlines-are-fixing-the-middle-seat.jpg” width=“100%” /><br /><em>[Photo: courtesy Molon Labe Seating]</em>

The seat pairs this staggering effect with a two-level armrest design to eliminate the inevitable elbow fights that happen when six arms battle over four armrests. This approach works better in visuals than explained, but basically, the aisle and window passengers end up using the front ledge of the rest, and the middle passenger uses the rear portion.</p>

Why not for long-haul flights? Seems like it would make it much nicer for the window seat to get in and out too.
Aircraft  seating 
july 2019 by charlesarthur
How to find the shade at Dodger Stadium - Los Angeles Times
Summer days at Chavez Ravine can be punishingly hot. But if you choose your seat wisely, you can enjoy a michelada in the shade all season long. by Joe Fox, March 22, 2018
DodgerStadium  Dodgers  stadium  mlb  seating 
may 2019 by PedalFast
Tips for Choosing Classroom Seating
It is important that a classroom environment is nurturing and conducive to learning. Since students spend most of their time sitting, it would make sense to have comfortable seating that can help foster their learning process.
classroom  education  seating 
february 2019 by Adventure_Web
Airlines face crackdown on use of ‘exploitative’ algorithm that splits up families on flights • The Independent
Helen Coffey:
<p>“They’ve had the temerity to split the passengers up, and when the family want to travel together they are charged more.”

It’s an issue that will be looked at by the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation, launched by the government this week to identify and address areas where clearer guidelines and regulation are needed in how data is used.

Passengers first started noticing they were being split up from their party if they didn’t pay more for allocated seating in June 2017, with Ryanair most commonly associated with the practice.

However, Europe’s biggest airline never admitted to changing the way seating was allocated, insisting there was no change and saying that those who don’t pay to choose a seat are “randomly” assigned one.

The <a href="">Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has been investigating the issue of paid-for seat allocation</a> for more than a year.

Its latest research, released in October 2018, stated that the likelihood of passengers being split up if they didn’t pay to sit together varied wildly between airlines.

In a survey of 4,296 people who had flown as part of a group, the CAA found that travellers were most likely to be split from their party when flying with Ryanair – 35% of those surveyed were separated having opted not to pay more for allocated seating. </p>

Flybe and TUI Airways were the least likely to break up groups, with just 12 per cent of people separated.
airlines  algorithms  seating 
november 2018 by charlesarthur
ADI Rides » Back Support Mounting Hardware
ADI offers multiple options in back support mounting hardware; each designed to fit specific needs. Whether you want to be able to remove the backrest from the chair, need the flexibility of adjustment or just want to ‘set it and forget it’, we’ve got your mounting hardware!!!
wheelchairs  seating  mounting  backs 
september 2018 by jesse_the_k
Cây kim ngân dát vàng – Quà tết ý nghĩa – 24kgoldart
Cây kim ngân dát vàng – Quà tết ý nghĩa

This is the image description

via 500px Uncategorized, 500px, accommodation, balcony, centerpiece, chair, dining area, furniture, hotel, IFTTT, seat, seating, sunshade, vase, window June 10, 2018 at 03:43PM
IFTTT  WordPress  Uncategorized  500px  accommodation  balcony  centerpiece  chair  dining  area  furniture  hotel  seat  seating  sunshade  vase  window 
june 2018 by 24kgoldart

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