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Transmutation by Ellywinkle (NC-17)
Exposure to a Pegasus virus while battling the plague causes the virus to mutate in Tony DiNozzo. Now a new flu is on the rise. It seems mild enough, but in a few people, a very special few, ancient abilities from ancestors past have reawakended as their DNA undergoes transmutation.
Tony DiNozzo/Steve McGarrett, McKay/Sheppard (74,485 words)

Author page, check here for completed fic after taken down on roughtrade:
fanfiction  fandom:NCIS  fandom:SG1  fandom:SGA  fandom:Hawaii_Five-O  crossover  drama  illness  superpowers  rating:nc-17  author:Ellywinkle  colony!Atlantis  secession  wc:070001-080000 
november 2018 by jenna_marianne
It’s Time For The United States To Divorce Before Things Get Dangerous
The GOP has many problems, but the Democratic Party has turned into something completely un-American. The United States was founded on two things: Judeo-Christian values and a limited federal government. The entire platform of modern Democrats stands completely opposite both of those.

This is the party that booed the very mention of the word “God” at their 2016 convention. This is the party whose candidates openly “joke” about killing anyone who won’t turn in his weapons. Their senators joke on national TV about killing the U.S. president, and the host responds by clapping like a seal.

The 1960s counter-culture liberal protestor who just wanted free weed and an end to the war in Vietnam has been replaced by a man who hunts down Steve Scalise and tries to kill him at baseball practice. The Left is not playing games. They are getting bolder, and they are getting more violent. They have no interest in rational compromises. Like all authoritarian ideologies, they want you to bow down before them or be destroyed for daring to resist
may 2018 by astrogirl
The Audacious Epigone: US political dissolution a question of when and how, not if
To people who grew up in a country of 100 million that was 90% white with a minority that had been here from the beginning, the thing made sense. To people trying to survive inside an empire of over 330 million people who are religiously, ethnically, financially, linguistically, racially, politically, and culturally divided--bitterly divided--it makes no sense. About the only thing keeping the it together now is a mix of inertia and economic expediency.

Political dissolution is an idea whose time has come. Support for it exists all over the dissident right--Heartiste, Z-Man, Vox Day, Julian Langness, Jared Taylor. Our favorite septuagenarian is even thinking it over. It's not just gaining traction out here on the political frontier, though. The Federalist recently carried a column in support of the idea.
politics  secession  socialstudies 
may 2018 by astrogirl
Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin: Clinton Victory Could Require Bloodshed - The Atlantic
The Tea Party has since splintered. Despite powering a huge Republican wave in the 2010 midterm elections, it was unable to prevent Barack Obama’s reelection in 2012. Some elements are now represented in the hardline House Freedom Caucus. Other strains of Tea Party thought have resurfaced in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.
GOP  Politics  secession  revolution  corruption  violence  Tea_Party  Kentucky  election2016  extremism  Religion  government  grade_A  grade_AA 
october 2017 by Marcellus

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