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RT : This week we invite you to explore some of our favorite older regions listed on the Destination Guide.…
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5 weeks ago by gamerlearner
Annuncio a Vulcano
comunità in

Vulcano ai Vulcanari
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7 weeks ago by davidorban
Exploring The Digital Ruins Of Second Life - Digg
Residents and businesses began fleeing for more popular social networks long ago. Vast acres of land are abandoned or sparsely populated by the few remaining diehard users. Its developer's VR follow-up, Sansar, is currently in beta. Property values are dropping. It's becoming a digital ghost town.
secondlife  article 
7 weeks ago by stewymac07
Well it’s still pretty much the same in . Apart from those amazing places that I’m not going to tell you…
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10 weeks ago by versoe
About – Radegast
Radegast-ng is a lightweight client for the Second Life and OpenSimulator platforms.
11 weeks ago by herdivineshadow
Sembra ieri ma sono passati 12 anni dall'inaugurazione di nell'isola di Vulcano in ed…
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12 weeks ago by davidorban
The latest example of a problem that has existed at least since the inception of Life and…
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january 2020 by jamescampbell
Free imageboards, online Animated .gif to lsl secondlife script and texture convertor/exporter and temp images
secondlife  utility  LSL  scripting  animation 
october 2019 by AlanRalph

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