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office365 - Set heading top margin Word 2016 - Super User
On fixing Word if it doesn’t seem to be applying a margin to an element after a page break:

“If you use ‘Next Page’ section breaks to control the page breaks [rather than using ‘Page Break’, the ‘Spacing: Before’ value that you set for the heading paragraphs will show up.”
word  2016  margins  padding  superuser  pagebreak  nextpage  section  breaks 
yesterday by handcoding
A short note on HTML5 article, section and hgroup
A few people asked me the difference between <article> and <section>. My reply: don’t worry. Simply, don’t use <section>. its only use is in the HTML Document Outline Algorithm, which isn’t implemented anywhere, and seemingly never will be. For the same reason, don’t worry about the <hgroup> element.
fridayfrontend  cssbasics  html  article  section  hgroup 
july 2019 by spaceninja
How to Section Your HTML
The sectioning elements in HTML5 are <nav>, <aside>, <article>, and <section>. <body> is also kind of a sectioning element since all content lying inside of it is part of the default document section. Here is a brief explanation of each sectioning element and how they are used:
html  nav  aside  article  section  elements  accessibility 
june 2019 by spaceninja
Aluminium Profiles Catalogue | Aluminum Extrusions | EXTRUDE-A-TRIM
Download Extrude - A - Trim's complete catalogue of aluminum extrusions. Browse our Stock Aluminum Extrusions.
aluminum  profile  section  trim 
june 2019 by hersh.verthun
Diagonal Containers in CSS | CodyHouse
In this tutorial, we'll take a look at how to create full-width, diagonal sections in CSS using the clip-path property.
css  diagonal  section  clip-path 
april 2019 by pioneerskies
Word 2016 - Continuous Section Break - How To Insert Continuous Section Breaks on Page in MS 365 Add - YouTube ;;;
tags: microsoft Word 2016 - Continuous Section Break - How To Insert Continuous Section Breaks on Page in MS 365 Add - YouTube video tutorial ;;;
microsoft  Word  2016  -  Continuous  Section  Break  How  To  Insert  Breaks  on  Page  in  MS  365  Add  YouTube  video  tutorial 
april 2019 by neerajsinghvns
HTML 5.2: 4.3. Sections's reference pages about html semantic elements like <section> <article> <aside> etc
w3  css  elements  article  section  aside  html  construction  content  semantic  tags 
april 2019 by piperh

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