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Koushin, a webmail client written in Golang
Looks like a nice replacement for something like Roundcube, if you don't want to run PHP.
email  programming  selfhosted  golang 
yesterday by snarkout
How To Use Cloud-Config For Your Initial Server Setup
A cloud-config file is a special script that is used to define configuration details for your server as it is being brought online for the first time. These are often used for completing common tasks that a user would normally have to log into the ser
automation  devops  self-hosted 
2 days ago by ither
Team Password Manager For Company And Business
Business Password Manager simplifies and streamlines work with passwords in a company. Employees will never lose passwords, they can securely store and share them. Company administrators manage and track passwords access.
cloud  password  team  selfhosted 
3 days ago by panoptican
is a Subsonic Server and Android client aimed at audiobooks
is a Subsonic Server and Android client aimed at audiobooks
audiobook  selfhosted  server  tools 
6 days ago by michaelfox
tdarr - transcode /remux automation
seems cool? I don't need it but maybe the aightden plex does
plex  selfhosted 
11 days ago by jowj

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