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Flavour SenseNation – a sensory journey
Uncovering the hidden science behind our appreciation of food and flavour. Flavour SenseNation is an interactive event that explores how our senses influence our perception of flavour. Read more. via Pocket
food  senses  taste 
7 days ago by kintopp
The Hidden Senses of Taste and Smell - Science in Culture
This is a guest blog post by Dr Merle Fairhurst and Dr Alisa Madrigin, Post- Doctoral Researchers on the AHRC Science in Culture Theme Large Grant, ‘Rethinking the Senses: Uniting the Neuroscience and Philosophy of Perception’. via Pocket
funding  neuroscience  philosophy  senses  uk 
9 days ago by kintopp
Being Human Festival 2014 - Rethinking the Senses
Part of the national Being Human Festival of the Humanities, this public event on 21 November 2014 showcases the work of the Rethinking the Senses project. via Pocket
exhibits  senses  talk  uk 
9 days ago by kintopp
CenSes | Institute of Philosophy
The Centre for the Study of the Senses, or CenSes, is hosted by the Institute of Philosophy, School of Advanced Study, University of London. via Pocket
centers  epistemology  london  neuroscience  philosophy  senses  uk 
9 days ago by kintopp
Open Senses Symposium — OPEN SENSES
Full Programme Presentations - Beveridge Hall 15:30 Dr Mariya Moosajee - Blind Art via Pocket
art  colour  creative  dance  exhibits  senses  sound  touch  uk  workshop 
9 days ago by kintopp
Tasting as a Multisensory Experience - Science in Culture
This blog post is by Professor Barry C Smith, Director of the Institute of Philosophy and Leadership Fellow for the AHRC Science in Culture Theme. Recently, I was asked to organize an evening on food and the brain as part of Gola – the Art and Science of Taste at the Trinennale di Milano. via Pocket
creative  food  senses  taste 
9 days ago by kintopp
Anosmia could be a symptom of COVID-19
ENT UK on Twitter: "There is the potential to reduce COVID-19 transmission by requesting that individuals with new onset of anosmia self-isolate. A lost sense of smell as marker of COVID-19 infection..."
covid-19  smell  senses  symptoms 
10 days ago by jm
TEDx Talk in Oxford - Science in Culture
The Role of Smell in Consciousness, Prof. Professor Barry Smith.
senses  smell  talk  video 
11 days ago by kintopp
Between You and the World - Chapter 1 - kirk_spock_in_the_impala (ryokoyuy) - Wiedźmin | The Witcher - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Geralt's senses are extraordinarily acute, allowing him to perceive far more than average. As necessary as those senses are for his profession, they can become overwhelming.


Five times Jaskier helps Geralt through sensory overload, plus one time he didn't have to.
thewitcher  geralt.of.rivia  jaskier  senses  geralt/jaskier 
17 days ago by vianvamp
Netherlands-Based VR Arena Aims To Bring Full-Body Esports To Mainstream Audiences - VRScout
Developed by Pillow’s Willow VR Studios in partnership with PSV and Sportscloud, Active Esports Eindhoven immerses players in the world of Exodus Burn, a combination VR escape room and digital obstacle course in which your body becomes the controller as you race against the clock to perform a variety of unique 1-minute challenges. The game can be played both competitively as well as cooperatively by up to four players, harnessing elements from both conventional sports as well as strategic video games to offer an original take on VR esports. 
esports  touch  senses  GAMES  new-companies 
4 weeks ago by dancall
Mojo Vision's Smart Contact Lens Puts An AR Display Directly On Your Eyeball - VRScout
Earlier today, augmented reality start-up Mojo Vision announced its development of the Mojo Lens, a smart contact lens that promises to revolutionize the way we interact with the world and each other. 
Focusing on an eyes up experience the company refers to as “Invisible Computing,” the Mojo Lens is designed to provide users with relevant information without having to look down at a separate device like a smartphone or computer, thereby keeping the user’s attention focused on their real-world surroundings.
augmented-reality  senses  future  funny 
10 weeks ago by dancall
The Brain Senses Touch beyond the Body (Richard Sima, Scientific American - 23 Dec 2019)
“You detect a tool’s contact with an object as if you placed your own finger on it“
article  science  brain  senses  psychology 
december 2019 by donutage

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