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Cutting Through the Hype: When Serverless Works and When It Doesn’t
"There’s plenty of positive buzz around serverless architectures and how they can help development teams cut costs and offload management tasks. There are also misconceptions about what it can do, and when and how to use it. To dig into the practical uses for serverless architectures, Rob Zuber, CTO for CircleCI, spoke to Nate Taggart, CEO of Stackery, which offers a serverless operations console that helps developer teams build serverless applications. Below are some of the highlights from the conversation — to learn more, watch the video."
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7 hours ago by jonerp
Exploring the Ecosystem of Serverless Technologies
Understanding the Serverless Technologies & its Ecosystem | Serverless Platforms | Serverless Tools | Monitoring | Authentication & Authorization
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12 hours ago by gilberto5757 - Serverless QBASIC
"I should note that there are simpler alternatives: there are modern tools to write and run QBasic on current operating systems. The two most mature suitable projects are QB64 and FreeBasic."

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yesterday by pronoiac
Build a Realtime Serverless GraphQL API with Websockets on AWS | Andrew Griffiths
With the release of AWS AppSync we finally have the ability to create realtime serverless apps on AWS. Previously you were forced to spin up…
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yesterday by geetarista

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