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Kubeapps and Kubeless go v1.0.0 for #kubecon – Bitnami Perspectives – Medium
Kubeapps is a Kubernetes dashboard that supercharges your Kubernetes cluster with simple browse and click deployment of apps in any format. Building on Bitnami's contributions to leading open source projects, Kubeapps provides a complete application delivery environment that empowers users to launch, review and share applications.
kubernetes  provisionning  serverless  kubeless  kubeapps  kubecon  article  important 
18 hours ago by vonc
From Express.js to AWS Lambda: Migrating existing Node.js applications to serverless
Although fitting everything into AWS Lambda would technically make your app serverless and it might be a good first step, to gain full benefits of serverless you’ll need to put a bit more effort and embrace the serverless platform by dividing your app into small services.
lambda  serverless 
yesterday by euler
Serverless webhooks to revolutionize the SaaS
If you are operating a SaaS platform that could benefit from serverless webhooks, you may ask yourself what it takes to implement them. In the How to build your own serverless platform post, I describe an architectural blueprint for building a serverless webhook solution for your own SaaS platform, based on the lessons learned from the Auth0 Extend product in Auth0.
serverless  webhooks 
2 days ago by euler
How to create a REST API with pre-written Serverless Components
How to create a REST API with pre-written Serverless Components You might have already heard about our new project, Serverless Components. Our goal was to encapsulate common functionality into so-called "components", which could then be easily re-used, extended and shared with other developers and other serverless applications. via Pocket
ifttt  pocket  api  components  javascript  programming  serverless  tutorial 
2 days ago by jeremyday

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