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Opinion | Eight Stories of Men’s Regret - The New York Times
The Times asked men to share stories of past bad behavior toward women. Here are their accounts of intimidation, coercion and complicity.
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Keeping it Casual - Quillette
Just like a man, the best way for me to spread my genes would be to have as many kids as possible. But I could never have as many as the most successful men. Whereas a man who mates with five women in a year can potentially have five children, if I mate with five men in a year, I’ll only have as many children as I would if I’d mated with one. Sure, there may be some benefits to having multiple partners. But nine times out of ten I’d be better off if I held out for a super-fit guy who’d give me super-fit kids, or a good provider who’d help me look after the kids – or if possible, a guy who’d do both. At the very least, I should keep well away from any man who clearly doesn’t measure up. After all, whereas a man who hooks up with a suboptimal partner can be back in the game straight away, if I hook up with a suboptimal partner, it could tie up my reproductive resources for at least nine months – and if I decide to keep the kid, for several years after that.
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Investigators rip Oakland’s handling of police sex scandal - SFGate
The internal affairs investigator in charge of the sexual misconduct case worked with almost no supervision, spoke to the teen just once by phone, gathered no electronic evidence, ignored leads and brushed aside the advice of a deputy city attorney, Swanson and Barron said.

During an interview with the young woman, investigators leading the criminal probe did not stop her from deleting conversations she had with at least six officers on her phone — messages that may have included evidence of illegal acts, the report said.

In the presence of investigators, she “began deleting her messages with officers, covering the names of the individuals but stating they worked for OPD.” After one investigator asked her to stop, she “continued to delete the messages, counting out the officers one by one as she deleted her messages with each. ... Finally, the second investigator changed the subject, and (the teen) turned her focus away from her phone.”

One investigator called the teenager a “whore” while questioning an officer suspected of having sex with her. And one witness recalled that Whent called the case “bull—,” according to the report.

Schaaf and Landreth found out about the sexual misconduct allegations six months after the investigations were opened.

Whent abruptly resigned last June and was succeeded by a merry-go-round of department leaders over the following two weeks. Landreth oversaw the agency for eight months without a chief before Anne Kirkpatrick was sworn in as top cop in February.

The federal judge who has overseen the Police Department and its court-ordered reforms for more than a decade tapped Swanson and Barron to step in after an outside investigator hired by Schaaf to review the case failed to interview any witnesses or issue any findings or reports, even though she and her assistants were paid by the city for their work.

“Despite the fact that the investigation stalled, the City Administrator and the Mayor did not press the investigator to find out whether OPD’s investigation was conducted appropriately, nor did they inquire as to the status of the attorney’s investigation,” the report said.

The report suggests that federal oversight of the Police Department — which has cost the city more than $13 million in the wake of a landmark civil rights settlement stemming from the Riders police-abuse scandal — is not likely to end anytime soon.
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3 days ago by Quercki

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