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How to Date in Self-Isolation
Dating now requires a new set of skills. Phone sex necessitates a convincing auditory repartee, and video sex has its own mood-killing challenges. After days of building up anticipation via sexting with a potential partner, one friend ran into all sorts of hiccups when it was time for the big video-sex meeting. She struggled to get the angle of her iPad right, while he struggled to be quiet enough not to wake his kids. They gave up and just talked. Another friend shares a truly cautionary tale of a failed effort to spice up a flirty yet chaste chat: “I’d done the move that allowed the sweater to drop, exposing my bra. Things started to get hot and heavy. Clothes came off. I was pinching my own nipple, telling him all the ways I was gonna make up for lost time post-plague, head tilted back in ecstasy as he touches himself and the Wi-Fi flits in and out the faster he goes,” she says. “He’s about to come, and I ask him to come closer to the screen so I can watch … as my mom walks in asking if I want to finish a puzzle.”
onlinedating  relationships  dating  Coronavirus  sex  TheCut  2020 
2 days ago by inspiral
How Often Should You Have Sex? |
According to this, the average couple has sex 54 times a year.
3 days ago by darkwater
Sex-positive | Corona Safer Sex Guide
Great suggestions for keeping masturbation interesting, having remote (phone/video/text) sexy times with a partner, or [highly discouraged] if you decide to have physical sex with someone outside your immediate circle, what precautions you can take to prevent transmitting the virus.
sti  Coronavirus  resource  sex 
3 days ago by atelathehun
Dental Dams
No one uses them, but they're still taught as a safe sex thing. And have some interesting cultural importance.
dentaldam  sex  safesex  hiv  aids  tootme 
3 days ago by nelson
Esther Perel - The Erotic Self Why Eroticism Should Be Part of your Self-Care Plan
Being in our bodies is not about performance or results. It’s about coming home. It's a pleasurable, sensual connection that reminds us that life is worth living even when we are in pain or struggling. If we want to be able to connect better with our bodies, we must invite ourselves to explore different experiences around our senses, and around our sensuality. Befriending our bodies and making peace with them is the beginning of one of the best relationships we can ever have: the relationship with ourselves.
3 days ago by hopeful_monster
Grants : Where We Stand
게티 이미지가 여성과 논바이너리를 조명하는 사진/영상 콘텐스트를 진행, It's Nice That
도브, 걸게이즈와 함께 진행, 여성과 논바이너리의 '진짜 모습'을 조명하는 콘테스트
미디어나 광고에서 지금까지 비춰진 모습과 다르게 진짜 삶의 모습을 담고자 하기 위함
1만 달러의 상금, 경력 5년 이하의 사진가/비디오그래퍼 대상
gettyImage  grant  contest  dove  girl  women  nonbinary  sex  2020 
3 days ago by yun
Korea's nth room Telegram sex crime scandal resonates in China — Quartz
한국의 N번방 사건이 중국에 영향을 끼치다, QZ
한국에서 N번방 사건이 수면위로 떠오르자, 중국의 여성들도 목소리를 내기 시작했다.
중국의 가장 큰 SNS인 웨이보에서는 91Porn과 같이 중국 내 가장 거대한 포르노 사이트에 등록한 회원의 명단을 공개하라는 탄원이 힘을 얻고 있다.
91Porn은 마치 예전 소라넷과 같이, 호스팅 서버를 중국이 아닌 해외에 두고 있다.
중국에서는 포르노가 불법이기 때문에 사이트 자체는 차단당했지만, VPN을 통해 많은 중국인들이 이용한다.
91Porn의 이용 약관에는 아동 음란물, 강간, 고문 등의 불법적인 콘텐츠를 절대적으로 허락하지 않는다고 적혀있으나, 지난 2018년에 91Porn 이용자 한 명은 100개가 넘는 불법 촬영한 포르노 영상을 판매한 혐의로 11년을 선고받은 적이 있다.
#Chinese females beg for the revelation of identities of 91Porn users#라는 해시태그가 이어지고 있다.
한국의 여성들에게 발생하는 일들이 중국에서도 일어나고 있다. "그들의 목소리에 동조하는 것이 우리를 위한 길이다. 불법 촬영을 거부하고, 중국의 'N번방'을 거부한다."
중국도 최근 몇 년 사이 젠더 이슈가 심화되는 중. 대학 내 성폭력 문제, 남녀 임금 격차 등에 대한 문제가 불거저나오는 중이다.
korean  nthroom  china  telegram  sex  crime  2020  qz 
5 days ago by yun
Stages of Touch: Desire
autoschediastic - Geralt/Jaskier, E --- 14,348

Part 2 of the Stages of Touch series

Jaskier chases his most current heart's desire. Geralt would like a beer and a nap. One of them gets what he wants, the other gets a kick in the ass.



Jaskier makes an unhappy noise as Geralt pulls away, levers up out of the pool. He stands with his arms crossed, his frown equal parts playful and genuine. “Can I interest you in a little tit for tat? I scrubbed your back and got you off.”
ao3  witcher  geralt/jaskier  *e  w.d::10-20k  ;★★★  ;♥  fuck-buddies  sex  series  pov-mixed 
5 days ago by we.are.golden
Door - Caroline Polachek
Kate Bush! Ocean of Tears Chairlift - Amanaemonesia (Video) Caroline Polachek - So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings (Official Video)
I Belong in Your Arms (Japanese Vers.) - Chairlift
music  watching  listening  wild  women  sex  dance 
6 days ago by ingenu
Hands On Me (I Think I Wanna Let It Happen)
asexual-fandom-queen (writeordietrying) - Eddie/Buck, E, some daddy kink --- 4,806

Eddie follows a newly out-and-proud Buck to a gay bar with a few of Buck's friends one Friday night, after life's spent the last few weeks keeping them apart. He isn't expecting to meet some of Maddie's co-workers, nor is he expecting to get quite so worked up when Buck starts flirting with another guy.
ao3  9-1-1  buck/eddie  *e  w.b::2-5k  ;★★★  jealousy  club-fic  first  sex  bj  pov-eddie 
7 days ago by we.are.golden
[no title]
코로나바이러스 섹스 지침 자위를 하세요
coronavirus  sex  nyc 
10 days ago by yun

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